Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Thursday - in at last

Back to a large number with over 20 attending even with the holiday season in full swing.

Starting within the DMU, Tony and Pat were back on the internal window frames, initially fitting the backing.

At the end of the day with the main frame in locked in place on both this and the window to the right. The frames cannot be secured until the new wall panelling has been fitted.

Ainsley, Roger and Bob Slater all had a spell at cleaning the aluminium strips ready for the ceiling in the DMU.

On the Cotswold side of BCK 21092, Bob sands one of the window frames.


Phil works on the south end.

Inside the corridor of the BCK Ken re-secures another one of the top hat cross spars.

 Following the repairs to the slim section between the Cotswold side guards and normal passenger doors, Nick repeats the process on the Malvern side.

Also on that side Malcolm began clearing the roof of odd bits of old paint before beginning with a fresh coat of undercoat Light Grey. Generally the roof is in good condition.


Bryan appears with another pre-cut floor board ready for treating.

Which I duly got on with outside, doing just the one side with the edges.

Inside the new toilet compartments in the south end of TSO 4986, Bob Keyte varnishes the beading and other parts needing this.


Underneath Richard Bates attaches new cable to the charger at the back of the battery box.

The Malvern side of the BSK with another central column coming loose, and as appearances go, it also looks in a bad way.. The Cotswold side was however quite firm.

In the Works at last, CK 7221 up on the jacks. It's been a very long time since we started the restoration of this coach.

The idea of getting the coach on the jacks was to enable Nick to have a look underneath to assess the general state of the cross-spans on both sides. Overall they appeared  be in generally good shape, though we know that the south vestibule has a shaky floor and will need attention when we get going again on the restoration of the coach.

Report by Dave Clark

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