Monday, 22 October 2018

Thursday - Cleaning Up

We seem to be entering phase of cleaning up and keeping tidy. This is not always easy.

Tp start with filling and sanding is just about complete on BCK 21092 and we are well into the undercoating, although the roof does still need a second top coat as we may yet have another little hold up while that is done.

In TSO 4986 Paul has started the cleaning up, again. Hopefully this is the big one with the window sliders all back in and the welding done save for one very little bit to be done on Saturday.

The trim strips are now varnished and ready to be refitted.

There are a lot of them! Alan Pat and Tony are making some great progress on this front.

Bob has painted the ceiling in the south vestibule.

 Phil, Pat and Tony all cleaning up various bits, the china ware and more wooden trim strips.

On CK 7221 Ken Austin has continued with the end section repairs. Here working on a new lower section to the end door pillar.

Before welding in a new lower section o the skin.

Paul testing out the Ghost Busters vacuum. This is normally used by the cleaning team but is on loan to the Paul who does a lot o the work on the third rake as it is normally now parked up at Winchcombe when not in use.

Two Richard's rom the maintenance team taking advantage of both the sunshine and the workshop to overhaul the electrics on the carriages currently in the works.

The flatbed trailer from the Baguley Drewry used by S&T. The planking has seen better days and some planks need replacing. So its been brought over for us to see to it. The first step was to move it from the siding beside the barn to the barn road. The required a ew hands to push. We stopped as we passed the China Clay Wagon as that is the current store o the planking recently donated to the railway. We selected a set o planks to use and loaded them on as we completed the 'hand shunt'.

The next step was to remove the old deck planking. No messing about Ian soon cut the old bolts off. we shall use stainless steel bolts in the future rebuild. (Note the temporary stack of the new planking to the left).

After a going over with the powered wire brushes it was moved inside the new extension section o the barn for painting. It wouldn't have fitted inside before. Not we are still using it to move the new planking around.


Buccaneer said...

Excellent blogs as usual. Intrigued by the frequent absence of 'f' s
in the blogs. Rogue keyboard?
You guys consistantly achieve very high quality restoration work. It is a great pleasure to read about the details.

St Blazey 1925 said...

21092 looking good. Also 4986 interior.
Regards, Paul.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

yep the 'F' is off. The top has come away from the key on my laptop.

Neil S. said...

Blogger: "Can I take a photo of you doing.............?"
Victim: " F off"