Monday, 29 October 2018

Saturday - A Testing Day

Following an email from the maintenance team the first job of the day was clearly defined. replace the burst steam heat hose on the south end of the main rake. However the first thing was to make up a new one and a couple more spares.

Once done and the change made as the train stopped at Winchcombe the old hose was returned to the workshop. The old hose had been wrapped in gaffa tape. Well it held until we replaced it but not really the way to deal with a steam hose!


Its a long way Bob! Starting at the far end he worked his way along the carriage back to the ladder; the roof of the carriage is not a good place to paint yourself into a corner. by the mid afternoon the job was done and the undercoating o the centre section o the roof was completed. 

Inside was equally busy with painting of the disabled area in full swing

I spent much o the day making the guards door on the Malvern side shut. Those door liners again!

The little parts need just as much attention Andy freeing up the action o some interior door hinges.

John Osborn was busy dealing with a request from Santa. The Elves need some steps to reach their workroom. These are specially open steps so the snow and ice doesn't gather on them.

The visitors steps for the Santa Carriage have also been getting the treatment.

As 21092 progresses George has been able to return to the BSK prep work.

It was a testing morning or Ian. That is being tested for driving the O3 yard shunter. The smile says it all, he passed. well done Ian.

Now you know those carriages you were shunting round the yard. Could you put them away again. Yes I know its now throwing the rain down!


St Blazey 1925 said...

Can't do without steam heat in these low temperatures! Well done on the replacement.
Also the main jobs are looking great.
How is the DMU power car now? Must be nigh on finished.
Looking forward to seeing it married up to the set instead of the horrible BR blue one!
Regards, Paul.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

The DMU power car will be shunted out soon other priorities have overtaken it. It will probably have to wait until the spring for completion.