Friday, 12 October 2018

A Busmans Holiday

Having been away or a week supposedly on Holiday I thought I should confess to a little 'railway work' while I was away.

There was the visit to South Devon Engineering to look at replacement sections of Mk1 body work. Now where I have I seen this before! A complete new baseplate and crash pillar base replacements.


End corners or a carriage currently stored out side such a shame having made the effort to press them out.

and a back plate for one of our locos, but I can't remember which one sorry.

Then a purely pleasure trip or Sunday lunch on the Bodmin and Wenford.

before meeting up with Robin, a former member of C&W, who moved to the area and join their C&W Team.

Our trip then took us via St. Blazey to St. Austell and a China Clay works. Oh look we have one o these to!

Completing a circle we dropped in at the L&B before a final stop in pouring rain at the West Somerset. Two vastly different railways.

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