Friday, 24 August 2018

Wednesday - finishing off

Another day with less people in than usual but still lots of progress. The main entertainment of the day was the arrival the previous day of the cover for the China Clay Wagon

 Somehow the package didn't look big enough but like any new product once unwrapped its will never go back in the original wrapping!

Ok that's the end bit then

Last week-end we had very helpfully stored a load of wood planking in the wagon. This meant we could actually reach the centre bar to put the cover over it.

Inside the tent

a semblance of order at last. The cover is only loosely over the wagon but at least oit will keep the wood inside dry. The proper hooks to be put on rather than the 4 bits of rope holding it a present.
Ken has almost recovered this rubber corridor end section from an old connection. We have found that you can but them or get them made new ….for something in excess of  £300 each in total
Colin was busy fitting the final door liner to the DMU today.

whi;e Malcolm painted the sole bar all round.

One job we don't have to do very often is clean out the pit. Today John did decide it was time to do it again.

The door team were busy as usual. Craig and Derek checking out another door lock after an overhaul.
Geoff , sorry no pics, was working on the door liner for door 5 on 4986. The door first had to come off as we discovered one of the hinge bolts was broken! Being an ex-mainline carriage the cetre doors (2 and 5) were both shut out of use. we never know what we will find when we put them back into service.

Derek was working on the second box

while Tony painted the first.

With Bryan preparing steel sections for the floor support repairs to 21092

Nick was getting underneath to do the welds. This is somewhat easier with the carriage body raised on the jacks to a comfortable height for Nick to work at.

Its not the cleanest place to work but Nick seems to enjoy it!

Ken Austin was sticking to the Malvern side body rebuild on the BSK 34929.


St Blazey 1925 said...

The China Clay wagon is looking the part now! The sheet, (of course), is a lot cleaner than in BR ownership - as is the wagon. (Have you thought about weathering?).
Good to see the DMU getting close to completion.
Have you thought of what classification the BSK 34929 will become?
All in all, wonderful work.
Regards, Paul.

Richard Stone said...

Hi Paul. I am aware that the recent wagon restorations have been outshopped 'gloss'. In trying to balance durability with heritage authenticity I am hopeful the next wagon to be restored will look more 'correct'. Thank you as always for your kind comments and support of our efforts in Carriage & Wagon. Richard S.