Friday, 3 August 2018

Wednesday - Missed it!

Some times you are so busy doing something you realise afterwards what a great photo that would have made. Today I had one of the moments.

This picture was the closest I got with one window frame in the Cotswold side of the DMU. 1o minutes earlier we had BOTH windows in but such was our focus on ensuring they lined up that I forgot to take a picture.

With it all checked out Rex and Gerry set about drilling all the rivet holes before removing the frame for some protective paint to be applied to the new metal work.

On the DMU Clive assured me this IS the last entrance footer to be replaced.

all done and ready for painting.

On the TSO 4986 in the workshop  Treavor was helping to fit a new bottom hinge to the centre door Malvern side. Coming from mainline usage the centre doors had effectively been sealed up although I doubt they deliberately broke the bottom hinge.

then it was back to overhauling one of the other doors.

Geoff is working his way round the carriage fitting new door liner woods. The first job os to make them fit the slot. when we have the door back on he will have to make the actual opening the correct width.

Dave is still steadily prepping all the window frames on the Malvern side.

Jenny sent me these 3 pictures of the completed Guards seat for 21092. Another brilliant job by the upholstery team. I think they rather like these little diversionary jobs.

Then it was back to the seat bases 

and backs. The usual stuff but oh so important!

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