Thursday, 16 August 2018

Wednesday - Ghost Works

With just 17 signed in today, we are usually around 25, for a Wednesday it was very quiet. Still 17 can get a lot done!

Bryan was completing the last door lock mounting on the DMU.  Structurally we are just waiting on one door liner and capping strip and a bit of external window trim now. Then of course the interior team have all the internal panelling to re-instate after the repairs.

on 4986 Dave has almost completed the mammoth sanding job along the Malvern side. On the other side Geoff was fitting door liners.

Internally Des has made some excellent progress with the staining and varnishing south end vestibule.

On the BSK 34929 Ken A. with Gerry did some more of the Malvern side panelling.

while Derek and Paul, worked on the doors for the carriage. Derek here serving another lock.

Ken R. was making a stock of window slider guides

Dave was the entire upholstery team all by himself today but ts another couple of seats prepared for recovering.

Des also got a coat of under coat on the signal box cupboard.

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