Thursday, 9 August 2018

Tuesday - Progressing well

Another very warm day and a good turn-out with about 14 attending.

Starting off with DMU 51405 this time, Richard Hoy completes the cab front with a third coating of the yellow warning panel. Nobody is going to miss that when the train is in service! The next job here will be the buffer beam and below.

On the Cotswold side, with a gentle sand down completed, Maurice is busy applying the second top coat.

At the south end of the Malvern side Cheryl is doing the same.

While Phil is busy lightly sanding the first coat on the remainder of that side. This is now ready for any of the painters the next day.

The insides of the door frames and door edges have in general received just a single top coat, basically all they need. John Hughes tapes up the door edges in preparation for painting the backs i.e. the door pull and window frame.

At the south end on the Cotswold side Adrian continues the general preparation where so much of the rebuild has taken place. With just a few weeks before BCK 21092 is ready for the Paintshop, it is possible that this area will be painted up in the Workshop - not a problem as we can pick and choose when to do the job. After all, the Workshop was all we once had!

A final shot of the front end at the end of the day, with all the masking tape removed and the vehicle now beginning to look the part once again.

Moving across to the Fruit C van to find the roof edge planks now going on.


Richard Stone cleans up one of the door locking bars.


With the roof completed, the next stage was repairing the worn doors on the Cotswold side of the van. Dennis removes the back planking

It was then a case of carefully removing the rotten planks from the door face. New sections of planks were then carefully inserted. Basically, how to repair one of these doors without having to take the whole thing apart!

It was then back to the roof to finish the fitting of the edge piece on the Cotswold side.
Earlier in the day, Dennis was back with more filling and sanding on the Cotswold side of TSO 4986.
In the Barn Richard J. was using the pressure oiler on the north end bogie under BCK 21092. In the meantime Dave Hancox and I managed to remove the two small panes in 21092's toilet window, not an easy job with ancient sealant proving difficult to say the least. Thankfully we were able to free both panes without either being cracked.
Derek was doing battle with one of the remaining parts of the GWR trolley.
Ainsley, working with David, was doing a very different job today, going around the Works PAT testing all our electrical appliances and cables. Both are now part of a team of PAT testers that has been set up to do this important job for the Railway.


Report by Dave Clark


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