Friday, 3 August 2018

Tuesday - Going, going, nearly gone

Thirteen of us in on the last day of July. Just where is the year disappearing to?

What a nice clean mess room awaited us, all thanks to Pam and her sterling efforts the day before on the last day of the diesel gala. Everything scrubbed and shiny - sink, tops, tables and floor. Thank you Pam from Paul and us all. (Paul usually normally does all this for us. So thanks to Paul as well! - Peter.)

The subject of the report title was very much the Fruit C van, with Stu adding another section of planking to the initial stages of re-planking the roof.

Later on, a view the other way with about half the Malvern side now covered.

With most of the planking now on and daylight nearly gone, Richard carefully measures up the next plank before taking it into the Woodwork Shop for cutting.

Oh dear, what's this?! Retrieved by John Hamer from the corner of BSK 35308 in the Maroon rake. I seem to remember this filler being put on by Tony Seddon many years ago to cover up the dent (I hastily add, not done by us!) on the corner of the coach. Repairs will have to wait until we can access the rake.

Derek contemplates how to dismantle the next "chunk" from the Evesham platform trolley.

The Cotswold side of TSO 4986 is really beginning to look very much better after so much attention over the past few months. Though there is still a way to go with capping strips still to be reinstated, Dennis flattens the filler applied by George on Saturday, before building up with more where required.

With BCK 21092 now back in the Barn, it was raised up on the jacks.


This enabled John Hamer to inspect the bogies before lowering the coach to enable further work to take place

Two of the newly repaired and primed corridor cross-struts.

In the corridor above Dave Hancox battles a particularly obstinate section of the corrior floor. All this will need to be taken up to enable the full inspection of all the cross-struts, as well as replacing all the old boarding with new,

With 21092 destined to replace DMU 51405 in the Paintshop, Ainsley resumes bodywork preparation on the Cotswold side, which many months ago was under "mass attack" to remove all the fissured paint and body filler.

The inner frame of the toilet window is in a bad way, so Richard J. removes the decorative glass pane and then rakes out the old wood.

Progress on DMU 51405 continues to be good. Ainsley vacuums the cab roof prior to adding the first coat of cream gloss.

Concentration otherwise was on getting some of the remaining unpainted areas prepared as far as possible. Adrian and Richard Hoy are sanding and filling the south end where much of the sheet metal replacement and other repairs were done


John Hughes, later joined by Keith, cleaned out the broken lengths of rubber seal prior to undercoating the cleaned-up doorway thresholds.

Richard applies the dark grey undercoat to his now cleaned and freshly taped-up area.

Maurice worked on the south corridor end, cleaning up as much as possible.

Keith sanded and then undercoated the outside of the corridor end door and frame. More filler will be required at the base area of the door. 

Report by Dave Clark

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