Thursday, 16 August 2018

Tuesday - Covering up

A combined report for today with some excellent photos taken by Richard Stone.

The highlight of the day had to be the laying of the new canvas on the rebuilt roof of the Fruit C van. Maurice and Alex paint on a thick covering of felt adhesive, this in itself providing an initial waterproof coating. The same would have been happening on the other side of the van with Stu and Richard (photo Richard Stone).

With half the roof thus prepared the canvas goes on. Maurice, now harnessed up, provides the necessary pair of hands to ensure the centre of the canvas is pulled along correctly (photo Richard Stone).

The whole canvas is now in place and the team ensure that any creases have been removed. Instead of the usual brake blocks on rope, clamps were used instead to hold the edges of the canvas tight (photo Alex Caulfield).

Later in the day the edges could be trimmed back. Stu will be using a very sharp-bladed knife as the canvas is very tough.


Finally Richard staples the neatly trimmed canvas in place. This will be followed up by the prepared battens fixed under the roof edge.

While all this was going on, Derek was cleaning up the remaining metalwork from the dismantled platform trolley (photo Richard Stone).

Followed by a coat of red oxide to keep the rust at bay.

The remaining focus of attention for the day was the DMU. Richard Hoy sands a newly-fitted doorframe liner prior to coating it in primer (photo Richard Stone).

Further along on the Cotswold side Dennis applies chemical metal filler to the sunken screws around the window in the new panel (photo Richard Stone).

On the opposite side it was back to more lining out with Adrian working on the top line (photo Richard Stone).

Alex was looking after the bottom line, while in the background Maurice was undercoating the rear of the door backs (photo Richard Stone).

John Hughes undercoated nearly all the door backs on the Cotswold side.

Dave Clark almost completed decorating the buffer beam and area below at the front of 51405. Just some top coat white needed to finish (photo Richard Stone).

Back inside the corridor of BCK 21092 Dave Hancox sanded down some more of the compartment wall veneer (photo Richard Stone).

It's good to nip out of the Paintshop door and enjoy our passing trains, though as we are inevitably there with just about every one, our train staff must wonder if we ever do any work!

Report by Richard Stone and Dave Clark

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