Sunday, 12 August 2018

Thursday - An ingteresting day

Not so many in today with holidays in full swing, but nevertheless an interesting one with once again our work on the jack road in the Barn.

The early ones were soon away onto more top coating of the DMU, with Cheryl on the Malvern side. By the end of the day all this side was ready for lining out, Richard and Alex having completed the last two sections.

Richard progressed further towards the south end of the Cotswold side adding the first top coat to some of the repaired area.

Alex was on lining out and soon had the tape removed ready to start. Unfortunately some of that old paint under the tape decided to call it a day and came away, bringing some of the new green paint with it. Some careful sanding to remove the hard edges and lining out could begin. The lower green panel will be repainted to bring the green back up to the line.

A typical view of Alex doing the lining out, with the bundle of old tape steadily growing as he progresses along the side of 51405. Bar the bits that will need to have a further top coat, lining out was completed to where Richard was working.

Being Thursday, the Indoor Gang were back in full swing. Tony is preparing part of a DMU window frame to fit a new piece of dowel.

Pat quickly removes a rough edge while rebuilding another of the DMU windows.


Alan with one of the rebuilt interior compartment frames.

With a new frame back in place, Tony carefully presses in the window sealant.

At the south end of 51405 Bryan is securing the lock on the end door. He's had quite a battle getting these doors sorted out, but perseverance has won the day and a lot of experience gained in the process.


More internal progress with TSO 4986. Paul sands down some more of the beading for the compartment panelling prior to bringing it into the Paintshop for varnishing.

Ken cuts out the next section of sheet metal for the Malvern side of BSK 34929.

Clamping the section on to the side prior to welding it in place.

On the opposite side of the coach Ian and I assisted Gerry with levelling the newly positioned window frames. They were almost there, just needing that extra bit of sheet metal removed to make them perfectly level.

Back to the Workshop where Dave Hancox is cleaning up the window panes carefully removed from BCK 21092 on Tuesday.

With the BCK still raised on the jacks, work continued on the bogies, with Ian replacing all the brake blocks on the south end one. His very interesting explanation follows: -
Having replaced the distorted brake beams under BCK 21092 last Saturday, John and I were re-setting the brake rigging under the South end bogie. As these are non-compensated bogies (i.e. there is very limited ability to adjust the brakes) you have to start with all new brake blocks. When the brakes are applied you can then check each block (there are 8 per bogie) to test for tightness against the wheel set. Fortunately, after some 'settling' (pulling the brake adjustor back and forward a number of times!) it was found that we had good all-round contact and the brakes were passed fit to run; this was further confirmed by putting the carriage back on the bogies and checking the number of 'turns' on the guards handbrake to fully operate the brakes. When the vehicle came in to the works it took 9 turns to set the brakes, now fully refurbished the brakes operate on 6 turns - a great improvement! - Ian

Later in the day the centre bolster was lifted out of the north end bogie. This enabled Ian and John to clean all around, and make any necessary adjustments. Getting the bolster back in was fun and in the end it took the weight of the very carefully lowered coach body to complete the job!

Meanwhile on a pleasant cooler day the trains continued to run.


Now who's that TTI on the Chocolate & Cream set today?

Report by Dave Clark

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St Blazey 1925 said...

Soon be getting new patients into the C&W hospital for tired rolling stock!
Otherwise known, as Kermit might have said 'That's the end of another one'!
Very good progress.
Regards, Paul.