Friday, 24 August 2018

Thursday - All the trimming

With Jane serving in the Coffee Pot today I got to do an extra day in C&W. Well the chauffeur has to do something to fill the time up!

The interior gang were in full flow today. The main task at present is repair and re-instate the window surrounds many of which were rotten or broken. Roger on one side of the partition window

while Pat was working on the other side.

Alan and Pat were doing window frames

Phil polishing some of the metal work in the drivers cab of the DMU

 Cheryl was continuing her way round all the interior door edges.

Bob is busy varnishing all the many, many, many strips of wood that combine to make the toilet wall trimming in 4986. He also got some undercoating done in  the toilet compartments.


Alex found some more lettering to do! This time another section of the Fruit C van. I think its a second coat.
Rob and Bryan were both preparing more sections of steel work for the under floor repairs on 21092. We are basically strengthening ALL the floor support spars under the carriage. 

Kern has almost completed the final section of the Malvern side body rebuild. Just the window corners left to go along with one narrow strip.


John Hamer and Ken have replaced the 4 axlebox seals on the first bogey for the carriage. These are the inner seals which slot in from underneath Over time they break and the lower section just falls out! This seems to be a bit of a design flaw but I guess there was some reason for it. We check them as standard these days and replace as required.

I always tell new volunteers to the department its a part of our duties!

Wave to the trains. Wave to the trains. Actually watching the trains is of course completely secondary.

Today this seems to have been very much taken to heart. Fortunately there were lots of people ready to wave back.

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Simply terrific job you all do at c and w