Monday, 6 August 2018

Saturday - round up.

The cab end of the DMU is making great progress with the details now being painted.

while the other is lagging behind. However, progress is now being made the lock situation having been sorted.

Dave is working on tidying up under the gutter that has now also been put back.

Steve is making good progress re panelling the south end vestibule


While Richard did some more on the North end before being diverted to sort out some window corners required for the DMU.

Ken, despite nursing a torn muscle in his shoulder, was still working his way round the corridor connector bellows for the south end of 4986. I believe both corridor connectors are ready to re hang.

On the other hand this one is far from usable. we have recovered it from it storage location, with the help of Nigel Black from the P'Way team driving the telehandler. We are removing the rubber bellows for re-use elsewhere. We are not sure we can restore the actual connector as it is well bent.

Andy, here, and Ian removed 2 more of the brake beams from the bogies being overhauled for 21092. With assistance from John Osborn one was straightened and re-installed later. Andy was busy cleaning up the second one.

Penny and John were starting on yet another of the seat back lined up. Their store is getting a little full at present.

John Osborn made a new safety retaining loop for one of the bogies. It is seen in action here actual supporting the brake pull bar. which is disconnected. This is exactly its job in operation if the rod does become detached for any reason.

Richard Stone was getting close to completing the rood timber work on the Fruit C van. The new canvass roof covering should arrive just in time next week.

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