Friday, 6 July 2018

Wednesday - More door and window work

Its almost getting boring to say it was another hot day. Almost, but no doubt as soon as it does rain we will forget the sun and the heat. Tony did suggest he was getting snow blindness painting the inside of the battery box

Ken took on some repairs to the U section of a corridor connection We have found a local fabricator to make up some short sections of the correct profile for us so we are cutting of the old and welding on new. Web just hope the curved section is still fit to use!


Also making new sections, but this time wooden step inserts, was Colin.


The first corner section wedged in place.

Mike was installing new timber trim and panelling to this door for the BSK.


while Derick completed the basic functional repairs to a door for the TSO and we soon had the next on the bench ready for him. Trevor was assisting with the dismantling. The locks off and the scissor mechanism for the window has also gone for cleaning
Craig was continuing with the construction of a test door frame for the welders to use when repairing door skins.

With the main sewing machine pining for John hill to return Penny and Jenny had to resort to the old hand machine. This makes it a 2 person job. Jenny turning the handle while Penny guides the moquette through.

In the barn Nike soon had the guides welded back in place on this bogie. The bolts neatly hold everything in place while he does it. The bolts allow some precise positioning before welding takes place.

Nick along with Rex then returned to the steelwork on the Malvern side of the BSK

The TSO in the workshop wasn't forgotten with Rod here painting some grey undercoat on a section of the Cotswold side while David and I did some more prep work on the Malvern side.


Anonymous said...

In your post you mention cleaning the window scissor mechanism can I ask what process you use and what sort of repairs that can be expected? only asking as not much info is around about this important part of some carriages.
Many thanks

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

the mechanics being hidden within the door do still get very dirty. We remove the scissor and put them through an cleaning bath and re-grease before putting them back in position. While we are at it the side runners for the glass get checked and often new rubber strips are inserted the bump stops that prevent the window going down to far are also checked and renewed as needed. Screws securing the window guides are often broken so they also get sorted.