Monday, 30 July 2018

Wednesday - A special seat

While the upholstery team were at all the usual jobs again today. head rest, seat covers

and the inevitable staple removal

 something a little different has been started.

A guards seat. Well this is the seat but there is rather more to it than that!

Like a back and arm rests. Overall its a very grand thing more akin to a cabin chair but without the 5 polished legs and castors. The seat actually bolts to the floor on a large singe leg.

The seat covering is made from several sections of moquette due to the curvature of the back. All sewn together and padded.

that is then stretched over the also padded seat frame

A pattern matching nightmare; well done. (thanks to Jenny for the 5 seat photos)

Doors on the other hand always look large and clunky. that is until you have to fit one when the tolerances suddenly come down the thou's of an inch. Paul working on the door lock for a door from 4986.

Trevor was onto the finger pull positioning..

Colin has just about finished the last of the thresholds on the DMU. This the Cotswold side drivers door entrance.

Part on the paint tables have accumulated again. Window sliders and door posts


and more panelling in for varnishing.

That won't be needed until we have fixed the floor. Nick and Rex are working their way along the corridor floor supports on 21092.

David still working on the sanding down of the window frames on the Malvern side of 4986


while, in the distance Rod and nearer Des are both tacking some more top coating on the DMU.

Just as an aside from the floor repairs on 21092 Nick welded into position the axle box liners on this bogie. The two yellow painted bolts are adjustable spacer bars used to get the liner positioned before the welding.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

I like the Guards seat - I would, I was a Guard! Just like to say that BR in their infinite wisdom, superseded this type of chair with one to the same shape but wholly made of fibreglass, which wasn't very comfortable. A bucket seat best disposed of to the bucket!
The DMU is coming along lovely. As is 4986.
Regards, Paul.