Thursday, 5 July 2018

Tuesday - GWR recalled

Beginning with TSO 4986, we are having a blitz on the roof, both in and just above the gutter, where a lot of flaky paint still exists. Maurice finishes this off the Cotswold side.


Then onto the Malvern side, drag in the big tower, and out with the air tools. By the end of the day Bob Slater and Maurice had cleared over half of that side.


Richard Hoy tackled the window paintwork at the south end of the Cotswold side.

John Hughes sanded more of the secondary filler at the greyed-up north end. My task was to make the main area at the south end ready for greying-up - happily this was achieved.

Dennis sanded down the south end of the Fruit C van in preparation for undercoating.


While Richard completed the top coating of the north end.

Inside more of the pre-cut wood sections have been fitted to the roof girders.

In the Barn John Hamer cleans up the pedestal liners on the raised bogie

Later on the Malvern side of the wheelset, John jiggles the axlebox in which has been attached an axlebox end float. If I've got it right, this enables a check of the axlebox wear.

It starts like this, a dirty filthy clean up exercise underneath the footplate on the 03, and ends like this, cleaned up and undercoated. Just the top coat needed to complete the second side. 


John Hughes was busy with the blacking up - hoses, buffers, couplings and grills.

It's always very heartening when the transfers go on. And it's always a tricky job for Richard, getting the levels just right.

The completed job. This time the 03 is getting a complete coat of varnish, two if we have time.


Finally, Alex spent some time tidying up various bits of the warning flashes. As for the title of this report, you may wonder why "GWR recalled". Well, the shunter was built in Swindon and a resident of Horton Road (Gloucester), so you may have already spotted that little extra touch to complete the picture. Nice one Alex!

Report by Dave Clark

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St Blazey 1925 said...

4986 and the Fruit C beginning to look the biz!
The 03 looks wonderful (even with the 'white wall' tyres!)
Regards, Paul.