Sunday, 8 July 2018

Thursday - Very wide ranging

A whole host of different things going on today and a lot of photos taken, so a hard choice knowing which ones to include.

Beginning with DMU 51405, the door giving problems is now back on, with Bryan inserting wooden wedges to ensure the correct position is held.

The top hinge being secured to the bodyside.

At the cab end Malcolm continues the removal of the old cracked paintwork.

 Into the Workshop with Ainsley completing the cleaning up of the Malvern side roof edge of TSO 4986 that was started on Tuesday.

In preparation for more roof painting, Phil vacuums up the considerable amount of dust that has accumulated.

Having completed the welding up of one of the corridor connection U sections for 4986, Ken applies red oxide primer.

Tony Barnard was back cleaning up more of the window sliders.


Bar two of the window frames, Martin completed the initial greying-up of the south end of the Cotswold side of 4986. Currently the greying up on this side can only be done to within 2-3 inches of the door frames as there are still outstanding work on these (missing capping strips, etc).

However this initial painting enables us to further improve the filling and tidying up as seen by Phil, now doing more on the north section.

The final photo on 4986 is of the DA valve being fitted. The gasket is one of two that had just been made.

In the Barn, Andy and Ian are reattaching the brake rigging to the bogie currently being refurbished.

Another job to be done. Ian using the pressure oiler to ensure the relevant parts are properly lubricated.

Moving over to the 03, the varnishing was done and just about completed by Alex and Jeff. If there is time we will get a second coat on.

The footplate is being given a coat of black Hammerite.

In the peace and quiet of the Woodwork shop, Alan is cleaning and reconstructing more of the internal window frames for DMU 51405.

A two-in-one with Roger priming another of the DMU frames, while Bob, having varnished more of the edges of the seat side panels for 4986, is now using a special primer to coat the old formica coverings.

A return to BCK 21092 where Dave Hancox has now freed up some of the corridor floorboards in preparation for the repairs to the top-hat cross-spars.

Dave is also beginning the sanding down of the compartment walls. This brings back memories of the cleaned up and re-varnished corridor in SK 25451 which positively gleamed when it was finished. Roll on the day when 21092 will look the same.

Across the yard in SK 4790, Pat and Tony Baker are fitting more of the re-covered seats. Just doing this completely transforms the interior - compare that with the faded seats in the background of the south compartment.

The next coach in the rake is SK 25743, with the Cotswold side now looking very faded.

Not so the Malvern side lower panels which Pat and Tony polished up. Well done both, that's made quite a difference. ( so now you can see why we need a running/maintenance shed with a raised platform or very much taller volunteers!)

Report by Dave Clark

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