Monday, 30 July 2018

Thursday - A quick round up

With both Dave and myself involved with meetings there was only time in the afternoon for some pictures.

As part of the current bogie overhaul we have run into some axle box issues so a couple of other wheelsets have also been brought into the barn for possible component swaps. While we are doing that the wheels sets also get a thorough overhaul.

Jerry was focused on drilling holes today. Its all very well building a new carriage side frame work but that will be 'dressed' out with wood panelling. So the holes are needed to secure the wood battens that will support the panelling and window frame timbers.

With the upcoming Diesel gala Dave was preparing all the signage for access to the C&W works.

 So just in time then! The 2 visiting locos run gently through Winchcobme on a test run together.
The Hymek

and the warship.
DMU car 51405 would have been out and running if we hadn't found the rust issues. The gutter going back on the Cotswold side.

Roger was back on Window surrounds today working on the partition wall window.

 Derek is starting the restoration/ rebuild of the 2 platform trolleys. Although at present they look more like an early and rather heavy pogo stick design.

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