Sunday, 8 July 2018

Saturday - There were how many!

I saw Jim from the P'Way team and he said they only had  about 5 in. We didn't fair much better getting a final total of 14. Apparently there was some football match people were getting wound up about.

Those not so bothered got through quite a bit,  Steve was building the walls for the second toilet in 4986


Being rather old school we don't tend to work to the modern 'just in time' principal of parts deliver. Phil is well ahead getting all the sanitary ware ready for the carriage. We are not going to get caught short then!

The parts all ready lined up ready.


 There was still a lot of sanding going on Richard Stone working on the Fruit 'C' and later measuring it up ready to order the new canvass for the roof.

while Dave Hancox was sanding some of the panelling for BCK 21092.

Steve having got the toilet frame work up cut all the panelling for the walls and the skirting boards. Skirting boards are heare waiting for priming and painting.

The main panelling is stacked ready to fit next time Steve is in.

Dave was trying to catch up, before he rushed of to watch the match, with a number of smaller parts that have suddenly accumulated; several to do with the corridor connections from 4986.
which Ken is working on. Many of the mount bolts have sheared off or had to be cut off. So it was out with the magnetic drill and the taps to create new studs. I hope some of them still remained there are about 44 to a full set.

Bob Mac was clearing loose paint from the roof of 4986 and found some working signs of pitting under one of the gutter rails on the roof. After a consultation and a lot um's and arrgh's, all absolutely required for go decision making,  we decided to remove the rail which Bob promptly cleaned up and painted with red-oxide. It proved to be a good decision as it did reveal holes that will need attention before the rail goes back on.

out in the Barn Alex was applying some final touches to the O3 before departing to be TTI on the evening Fish and Chip Special.


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St Blazey 1925 said...

According to popular reports, you did well to get your 14 bods in at C&W! Many places looked like the 4 minute warning had been given and gone to ground. (The football ground!).
I, personally, detest football and opted to watch the tennis - far more civilised! (Debatable).
You achieved a lot with those you had and the results look good!
Regards, Paul.