Friday, 8 June 2018

Thursday - Window View

In talking to a few visitors lately a strong theme has been the glorious views from the train so well don the lineside clearance and drainage teams. So to make sure their efforts are worth while its up to us to ensure the windows are well looked after. Another well done to the cleaning team.

In the workshops we try and do our part by taking care of the windows during restoration. The window surrounds get a lot of attention. Here roger is working on the DMU car 51405's window surrounds

while Alan was doing repairs to another in the woodwork shop.


The welding is now complete on the Cotswold side of the carriage thanks to Nick today. We have concluded that unfortunately one window on the Malvern side will have to come out for repairs to the adjacent body work to be done.

Much of the attention today was focussed on the BSK 34929. Tony was giving one of the 'new' window frames a deep clean and polish
while Nick moved on from the DMU to the BSK and with Rex first welded in some new structural steel sections before removing a section that was were the window will be going in.

Like this. Its not actually fitted yet, just positioned to ensure we get the surrounding steel work in the right place.

Phil was overhauling a leaking flush control for a toilet cistern. He had to make some new washers as well.

while Bob sanded 2 of the toilet doors ready for varnishing. These are for TSO 4986.

He also primed the walls of the toilet itself.

Dave spent much of his day painting the first of the new Battery Boxes for the carriage.

I seem to have lost a few of the picture from today.
Phil Jones and Richard Hoy were painting the roof of the GUV. There is still a bit to do on Saturday.
Ian was changing the rubber seals on the Malvern side of 4986; 6 from 8 are done. so another job that will be completed then.
John was over hauling/inspecting an axle bearing on the warflat which is older than we thought. The wheelset clearly stamped (as they all are) 17 sept 1968
Ken was working on the end woods for the corridor connection.
Tony Paul and Richard all working on the third rake cleaning and doing some running repairs to wobbly tables etc..
Maybe the phone didn't like getting so close the UXB on platform 2 at Winchcombe when I went to investigate a loose door trim as the train stopped at Winchcombe. There wasn't a lot of time for th glue to set before the train was away. Hopefully it had set by the time it reached Toddington!
 The King rumbled past without setting it off. However, we did make a fuss about the school children keeping quite so as not to set it off as they walked past on their evacuation experience trip..

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St Blazey 1925 said...

The DMU power car is coming along well.
So is 4986.
Well done all.
Regards, Paul.