Friday, 11 August 2017

Wednesday -

A bit of everything today with both problems arising and progress being made.

The woodwork shop was, as is usual on a Wednesday, a hive of activity. At the far end large planks being cut to component sizes it the middle the finer detailed finishing. The near end is were the doors team work when not being dragged away as here to work on the doors already in place.

Some of the planks have now become the south end vestibule floor in the LMS brake Van. This end is now completed with new wood.

TSO 4614. With the salon panelling pretty much all in place Des was straining the latest sections to match the existing panels.

while Tony continued with the sanding of the seat end panels.

Nick completed the Malvern side structural adjustments and started work on the north end corridor connection opening. This used to be an opening door between the 2 toilets. With the toilets removed to provide a vestibule for wheelchair access the doorway has to be modified to a sliding door which is a very different aperture.

Cross checking with the north end of the BSK which has a sliding door we realised we need to make some extra mount brackets and agree the construction sequence as a couple of timber sections are enclosed amid the steelwork and brackets

With a more straight forward task John Varley was cutting the sheet steel to complete the entrance doorway for door 2. We first had to remove the door and return it to the door team for panelling and trimming.

After a visit from Jo we  now have another Broadway bench to work on. A discussion with the upholstery team followed to agree an outline plan for its restoration. This seat has a padded back and seat. However, first of all its missing a leg to be replaced.

After last weeks session painting the ceiling Trevor to cove from a hard hat to keep the paint splatter off his head. He and Rod completed the large salon area of the DMU car today.

The battle and main frustration of the day was the new front panel for the route indicator box. I guess it goes in easily enough if if everything is to original sizing.

As it isn't,
a) the original rubber section is not available and we are using the nearest that has been identified.
b) the original panel was not original and didn't quite fit anyway.
(The new one we are fitting started over size and we are trimming little by little bit until we get a fit).
We have so far had several aborted attempts at installing the new panel.

Ken, John Hamer and I spent much of the day on this and we its not done yet but very close now!


St Blazey 1925 said...

Firstly, anyone can make a typo but please stop calling the saloon a 'salon', as we may get anxious hairdressers making applications to do hair in them.
Secondly, The DMU is looking great - well done!
Also 4614 is looking more like it should do, and that is a feather in your collective caps.
Regards, Paul.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Sorry an American spell checker on the I pad.

Ian Butler said...

The previous offers of assistance to fit the headcode panel still stand....