Friday, 4 August 2017

Wednesday - round up

Age catches up with many things. The latest thing we are starting to encounter is aged wood. Either the screws rust away or the wood weakens and the screws get loose. While many of us may be accused of have a screw loose, loose screws are not what we want when it comes to door handles!.
We have been experimenting with a reinforced fibre glass to 'fill' the screw holes. The only issue being how to inject the filler into place before it hardens. Thanks are here due to Edna Dyer, Craig's wife, and her cake icing skill. The solution being what is essentially an icing bag. Mike here uses the bag to inject the filler. Once set we can drill it and screw the handle back on the door. In our test pieces we have shown the strength of the system rival the original.
Malcolm has also called time on his roof painting its the knees that get you. So he is looking at alternative entertainment and here get to grips with the dismantling of a door from BSK 34929. This is another door suffering with age the left of the picture reveals the foot of the door to be 'past it'. So more work for the carpenters.

Derek with the manual out to check the specification of the window tracks

 With age many of the wooden trim sections parts are now declared 'past it' when we remove them. Eddie has made a a batch of new window edging trims which Des is lining up for a protective coat of varnish before they are fitted.

there was also a batch of door panels to be done.

Penny and Jenny put another completed seat back into the storage area ready for 4614.

#While Dave is accumulating a box full of arm rests.

Colin was starting work on the next set of window trims. Having had all the windows out of 4614 all the surrounds will be new!

and will the floor in the LMS Guards van verandas. Dave finishing the plank positioning end lap

there was another plank close behind.

The floor 'grows' as they progress.

John Varley was preparing window corners for the BSK where there are rusted ones to be replaced, having already sorted the bottom of a door ready for repairs.

The assessment of 4986 has revealed a couple of damaged air vent cowls so some replacements have been found, and on the bench, await cleaning up before painting and fitting. We will seal the roof before the carriage goes back out. In the meantime John and Ken are investigating some DA values.

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