Thursday, 10 August 2017

Tuesday - On target

Back to more normal numbers on the "quiet day" with just 8 in. However a lot was achieved overall and hopefully we are on target to get the DMU painting completed by Saturday 20th August. TSO 4763 will then come in and we start all over again!

Firstly on to progress with the BR Goods Van. Following the successful trial fit on Saturday, Richard has primed in oxide the lengths of vacuum pipe that have been cleaned up and made ready.

Richard cleans up the final section that has been salvaged.

 All remaining effort was on W51363, with Stu and Maurice top coating the ceiling in the small passenger compartment.

When completed they moved on to top coating more windows. Just the door to the Guards/Luggage compartment remains to be done on which I later made a start.

I continued the top coating at the south end of the Guards/Luggage compartment with lots more orange, red and black going on. John Hughes later joined me.

Earlier on John lightly sanded the undercoat on both sides of the cab sliding door, before top coating the passenger side. 

Richard Hoy was in after all as his cricket match had been rained off, so he top coated the upper line on the Malvern side. Just the bottom line remains to complete the lining out.

Stu moved into the cab to top coat the ceiling there, while Maurice began cleaning windows.

Finally Dennis reinstated the grab handles on the Cotswold side. No surprise that it was a tricky job as they had been quite tough to remove. Here he demonstrates a novel way of cleaning up the inset bolt threads while protecting the paintwork - a hole for the bolt has been drilled through the plyboard. He later went on to do the bolts on the Malvern side, testing each with a nut afterwards.

Report by Dave Clark


St Blazey 1925 said...

If you wanted to be true to the green livery of the DMU, the interior window surrounds should be scumbled in dark brown varnish; but then you would have to replace the ash trays and change the lower covers to the inside of the doors to a wood grain formica and so on 'ad finitum'. Oh, and the interior of the Guards van would be cream. then the drivers' door would be formica finish as per the passenger doors, then the compartment lights would have to be changed - where would you stop? Better the finish that you have adopted. It looks great. Regards, Paul.

Alex said...

Yes it's a shame we can't do all that, but of course there's always more important things to do! Annoyingly the blue DMU's interior is closer to your description than the green one, I knew we should have painted that one green too!

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

To give this a little more perspective our work can be described as the 3R's.
1.Restoration - scrap or rust to running.
2. Refurbishment - a good going over inside and out but with only minor repairs
3. Repaint in and out if 6-8 weeks gleaming and shiny.

In theory this carriage is in for a Repaint, although its getting very close to a Refurbishment.

The sort of modifications, from its current state, that you suggest Paul would only happen on the full restoration.
Also this is a privately owned vehicle and such work would only be done at the owners request.

Ian Butler said...

The work being undertaken on W51363 is absolutely splendid, and the owning group, Cotswold Diesel Railcar are extremely grateful for all of C&W department's efforts. These DMUs remain as a means of transport and there is no real intent to restore them to original condition as museum pieces. Other groups have undertaken restorations to "as built" finish, the most well known of which actually required a National Lottery grant and can be viewed here