Friday, 4 August 2017

Tuesday - The big cover up

Back to more normal Tuesday numbers with nine in attendance, and we only had a few spots of rain.

P & O was back but now facing south and looking very impressive as the train approached the station.

Richard Stone was back under the BR guards van applying oxide to more of the cleaned up underframe.

Then it was back to the Barn to clean up some more removed parts.

Richard then showed me the vacuum pipe that had been removed on Saturday by John Squires, our pipework specialist. The pipe was too close to the underside of the van to be able to be checked or worked on properly so removal was easier.

Although looking sound in the photo, closer inspection may show that it will be better to replace the whole thing as shown by the piece in Richard's hand.

John Hamer has continued his inspection of green TSO 4968, currently on the non-jack road in the Barn, and has made two plates to seal around the water tank breather pipe on the roof.

Richard Johnson had brought in some table tops for TSO 4614 on Monday, and while there had applied the external transfers to 51363 now that all the main top coating has been finished. Just some lining out remains to be done.

The aim today was to get the internal compartments ready for painting. Initially Maurice and Stu cleaned up the removed aluminium beading.

All the dust sheets were carefully removed and given a good shake by Keith and myself outside, and the interior given a thorough vacuuming

The internal cab door needed to be removed to enable us to get at the area underneath. After taking down the pelmet and unscrewing the door brackets, Bob and Keith found that the only way was by removing the runner as well. Still this will enable us to give that a good clean as well.

Ainsley spent the day in the guards/luggage compartment adding more silver grey top coat.

Two of the many step boards on 51363 were loose and well worn. These had previously been removed by Pam on Sunday before the Diesel Gala visitors arrived. Bob set about replacing both with new boards (we have a handy selection of various sizes all made up and painted).

After the lengthy vacuuming session inside the passenger compartments Maurice and Stu had re-covered all the seats with the old sheets, blankets and curtains. My final job of the day was to add a final cover of polythene - the last thing we want is white or cream paint getting through on to the new upholstery when the ceiling panels and windows are done.

Report by Dave Clark

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