Saturday, 5 August 2017


Another day of varied activities.

Nick started the day by modifying a locking bar for S&T (sorry no picture which is a shame). The locking positions are in effect notches in the bar but this one have a notch in the wrong place which would have locked the signal in the incorrectly, clear instead of danger! Malcolm from S&T had cut a new notch in the correct place but needed Nick to weld up the old notch removing all traces of it.

TSO 4614.
Nick them moved on to correcting the alignment of a vertical Z section on the north end of the carriage. The new bar braced in position as he lines up to start the weld.

David having done most of the work on capping strips for door 5 painted the filled and sanded strip and also painted over our marks and notes written on the adjacent body side.
On the other side of the carriage I completed the rehanging of the hinges for door 2.
Roger was working completion of the window trims now they are all back in preparing the strip to fit 

and duly fitting it. This completes the window trims now its back to fitting the inner trim strips.
(Yes they are both on the inside of the carriage the outer trim dresses the window frame and on this carriage holds the glass in place while the inner one fits up the panelling).
Tony and Pat started the day helping out with the final bit of sanding on some panelling strips for the carriage. 

BSK 34929
They moved back to working on the BSK by refitting the glass to the this window on the Malvern side. We are not expecting to take many windows of this carriage. At present we think just another 3 or 4.

Dave Hancox is making some steady progress with the falking paint work on the south end section of the carriage.

TSO 4986
Continuing the hole repairs on the roof of the carriage John Hamer put in place one of the patches he made the other day. Apart from flaking paint the roof is in good condition for around 60 years old.  The holes are basically round the breather pipes and air vents.

Moving from top to bottom of the carriage Kevin was starting the strip down of the bogie,  well at this stage making sure nuts will undo when we are ready, for an overhaul. There are several stuck axle boxes to be sorted out.

On the interior Phil Salter checked out the vestibule lighting replace several unit with one already refurbished the remove ones will now go into his pile for overhaul ready for the next carriage.


Still on lighting but only to remove the diffusers so the ceiling can be painted properly. Phil Jones was then into the painting completing the second undercoat on the south end section of the salon. The first undercoat was completed on Wednesday by Trevor.

Maintenance. Richard Bates was back in today making more wiring connections for the new charging circuits being installed in the carriages. The maintenance team can do this as part of a rolling program on the running rakes.

Doors are one of the really critical parts of every carriage restoration and are often on the critical path. That's with 6 doors to a carriage. With 14 doors on the BSK we have a potentially serious time issue with completion of the carriage.

So we are looking at possible thing that can be done to help the door team out. One possibility is to use some of the Aluminium doors we have in store. These are easier to overhaul and wont need the extensive wood and metal work repairs the existing doors do require. so we are experimenting with one door to see what issues there my be.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

Very busy! All wonderful work by you all. Regards, Paul.