Friday, 18 August 2017

Thursday - Mainly DMU

More like the usual Thursday with 22 attending. Not so many photos though, and apologies to those I missed out, as I was very busy with getting as much as possible completed on DMU 51363 in time for Saturday's shunt. As such most of the photos are of the DMU.

Firstly, hearty congratulations to Alex on gaining an A* and two A passes in his A-Levels. As such he will be leaving us in September to begin a 5-year degree course in dentistry. He still hopes to be able to attend C&W and also do a TTI turn when occasion permits.

[A previously unpublished photo taken on 25th July when we were lining out the DMU].

Back to the present with John Hamer and Rob Cory working on the brake mechanism of the north end bogie under FK 13329.

Working on the Malvern side of BSK 34929, John Varley carefully positions a new section of window base frame prior to welding it in place. The new corner section of sheet metal has been handily taped nearby.

In the Workshop Ken Austen is grinding the new welds in the new vestibule of TSO 4614.

Derek was back in the LMS van sorting out some of the internal cab fittings. In the foreground are some new spars that had just been cut by Steve Barnfield.

Working on the Paintshop trestles Robin black glossed the correct side of the new skirting for TSO 4614 (the wrong side had previously been done - my fault!), before moving on to the new electrical connectors that Phil Salter had been preparing on Wednesday, and finally the fire bucket which presumably has come from the station.


Now the final main blitz to get as much as possible completed on the DMU before Saturday. The first job was to remove all the protective seat covering. With all that new upholstery we certainly used a lot!

It was then a big vacuum around with the Henrys keeping Richard and Jim busy for a while - hope Upholstery don't mind us using their Henry as well as the Paintshop one!

In the cab Steve filled in the gap by the wiper motor with some new ply board and then fitted the new section of window frame.

In the background Richard is painting the main instrument section before moving on to the various bits within the cab (lots of pretty colours!). In the main passenger compartment Jim and Bob carefully tape up either side of the seat frames, before VERY carefully painting them. Only the main visible bits have been done but just doing this has made a huge difference, and not a drop of paint touch the moquette! Taking out all the seats and then refitting them would have taken far too long, and we simply don't have the time.

Dave Hancox improves all the connections at the north end, and then completed the south end that had been started the day before.

Many other jobs were done such as a final blacking of the steps, refitting the Guards compartment seating, reloading all the bits stored in the luggage area, etc, etc, etc. We are almost there, just leaving a few internal bits which can be done when the unit has been shunted out on Saturday.

Report by Dave Clark

Wednesday - A stroll through the Works

Sixteen in, so a little below the usual Wednesday number. Let's see what everyone is up to.

Starting with the Barn, John Hamer is adjusting the bogie springs on the north end of FK 13329. We spend a lot of time ensuring the riding levels of our coaches are correct.

Moving into the Workshop to the sound of an air grinder as Ken Austin tidies up the raw edges of the new metal on the Malvern side centre doorframe of TSO 4614. Ken completed the job by priming the area with red oxide.


Davey sands down another set of internal window frames from 4614. There is now a steady flow of these being cleaned, and then stained and varnished.

Phil is busy refurbishing and making up some new electrical connectors

Now into the Woodwork shop to find Mike working on another of the rebuilt doors for TSO 4614. Here he is fitting a new door pull.

Eddie is busy cutting rebates into some plywood for use as the base in the second seat for Broadway Station. This will be covered in the same vinyl that was used to cover the recently rebuilt table.

While there Colin shows one of the cleaned up doorframes that will become the compartment sliders in 4614 to enable wheelchair access from the new vestibule.

Now upstairs to the Upholstery shop where John Hill is stapling a new cover onto a rebuilt seat. Most unusual to find John on his own, but Dave, Penny and Jenny are all on holiday.

Well not quite on his own. Just inside the room is Tim, the delightful Retriever who belongs to our new member Sue Yemm.


Now back down into the Paintshop where we meet Sue, who has joined C&W specifically to be in the Painting Team. Sue is cleaning up the chequer plate at the entrances to the Guards/Luggage compartment in DMU 51363 prior to painting the floor.


Later on Sue and I applied the red floor paint, which has the effect of bringing the whole compartment together.

Inside the main passenger compartment Russ cleaned the windows, while Trevor was outside doing the same.

Continuing on from Richard Hoy the day before, David was top coating the front half of the cab with Silver Grey. This just left the lower instrument section and various bits within the cab to do the next day.

Moving down to the end of the Paintshop to find Ken Reeves and John Hamer completing the fitting of the new polycarbonate panel to the route indicator box on 51363

Finally making good use of the trestles is Des varnishing more internal window framing for TSO 4614, here corner sections.

Report by Dave Clark

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Tuesday - Heroes all

A brilliant day with the group working really hard and completing a huge amount of work, so much so that we really are now in with a good chance of completing almost all we can on DMU 51363 ready for Saturday's shunt.

First off were Maurice and Stu fitting the remaining curved aluminium strips (thank you George for bringing these to C&W). One however couldn't be fitted as the old hardboard ceiling became too fragile and holed badly - this bit had to be covered with a hardboard strip instead.

John and Keith did a great job cleaning up all the aluminium trim that hadn't been removed and all the luggage racks too. Later Maurice and Alex coated all the screw heads with Silver Hammerite, as many of these were tarnished, and this vastly improved the overall look of the trim.

Alex top coated both sides of the cab sliding door.

Then he completed the repairs to the inner luggage/guards door frames on both sides of the DMU. The repairs, along with the corridor connection door and the saloon side of the access door to the luggage compartment, were also top coated.

Richard top coated the back half of the cab.

Stu went on to refit all the grab handles on the Malvern aside. As happened with the Cotswold side, some of these were tricky to reinstate.

The large grab rails on both sides of the Guards/Luggage compartment were also painted.

With the cab sliding door now dry, it was time to get it back on board and running nicely. First job was to reattach the sliding mechanism to the door, and then attach the whole thing to the support strip above the doorway. Once back on the pelmet could also be reinstated.

Other work not photographed. Viven was working on another chair for the Weighbridge hut up at the top end of the station car park - the moquette to be used was as before and was cut ready for fitting..

In the Barn Alex and I sanded down the various areas of filler that had been applied to FK 13329 on Saturday to cover a number of holes on the Malvern side. Lining out tape was then put on where required before the sanded areas were painted in cream and brown undercoat as required.

Report by Dave Clark

Monday, 14 August 2017

Saturday - Solutions

After Wednesday's problems today we found solutions.

The DMU route box was proving problematic with the new screen not slotting into position. Having taken a break from the fitting, today Ken and John returned to the task armed with a couple of large files. After some careful reshaping of the opening the screen and rubber slotted into place. There remains one small section to do after a damaged section of the rubber was found.

Also working on the DMU, Kevin was fitting new rubber seals to the guards door.

while Alex painted various sections of the lining out

and finishing with the Orange of the corridor connection.

He then turned to the fine brush for the 'Out of Order' signs. Not that we expect to need this many but he did a complete set!

On 4614 Richard Johnson
and Clive were cleaning the axle boxes and checking the pads

and John Osborn was welding in place the last large section of new body skin around the disabled access entrance on the Malvern side.
On the interior Bob Keyte was varnishing the new panelling and I think also gave a coat of silver paint the heating pipes.

With the FO going into the main rake the FK was brought out for a bogie swap and while it is available a steam clean of the exterior.

One of the issue we have is that with 7 or 8 coach trains one or two coaches are off the end of the platform at Toddington and out under the bridge making exterior cleaning impossible. This is one of those coaches and of course the end ones run behind the loco and get dirtiest.

With the RMB set of seats now complete John Hill has turned his attentions to the restoration of a stool seat for Broadway. Here building up the layers of of foam to make it comfortable.

John Squires having created a new set, (some old and some new sections of pipe), of vacuum pipework for the brake van started on a protective cot of paint before it is fitted. First we are having the what remains shot blasted along with the BSK and 4986.

Leaning on the fence watching the trains go by. Well its part of C&W duties to wave at the trains.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Thursday - Variety is the word

Lots activity all over the site today, covering any number of different jobs.

Starting off with Dennis who regularly keeps an eye on our 3rd Rake, here topping up the tank on TSO 4763, which is the next coach to have a quick refurbishment (just basic repairs and a repaint).

Inside unrestored green TSO 4986, Paul is vacuuming around after all the seating has been removed.

While all of 4986's seating has been re-covered in the red chain link moquette ready for the maroon RMB, the seat tops are having their number tags removed by Robin and Tony.

Enjoying the fresh air was Ken who was using the magnetic drill to bore new holes in the heavy corridor end of BSK 34929.

Inside the south end of 34929 Dave Hancox was back sanding down the ceiling.

 Further along the corridor Pat was securing the latest reinstated window.

With FK 13329 on the jack road, John Hamer is checking the existing riding height of the coach prior to the planned bogie swap.

Continuing with mechanical things with Rob rebuilding the DA Valve that John Hamer was dismantling and repairing last week.

Phil gives me a cheeky grin (and appropriate comments!) as he cleans up some door hinge pins.

Later in the day, with the seat top work completed, Tony has moved on to cleaning the sliding door runner destined for the north end of TSO 4614. These are inevitably pretty mucky after years of use so this is a very worthwhile job.

Back on the LMS Guards Van, Derek works on the floor and threshold of the north end veranda.

Back in DMU 51363 ceiling reconstruction is well underway with Phil Jones, Hasan and myself reinstating the aluminium beading. Being just hardboard most of the screw holes in the ceiling needed Rawlplugs.

Richard Hoy completed the lining out on 51363. This particular section remained undone, probably because this had become one of the entry/exit points for the interior work.
Richard Johnson applied new stickers to the door backs and inside the windows.
Finally down on the Paintshop trestles, Robin black glossed a new footboard and some skirting panels for TSO 4614, with the Guard's seat from 51363 providing a handy support

Report by Dave Clark