Saturday, 19 October 2013

October 19th - hang it

Today was a very a busy day with a varied range of activities.

The main focus was again 25341. We are attempting to get it finished before it has to leave the barn to make way for the first of the maroon rake to come in.

So today Cheryl started on the top coat brown doing the top narrow band on the wall side.

while Alex started with some rubbing down round a couple of windows then started on the jack road sides top brown band.

Dad Tony did some more mastic sealant round some windows and followed up by touching up the undercoat.

Russ completed the top band painting on the jack road side after Alex left.

Dave spent the day working on the one door. It has been neglected so it was big job to get the prep all done ready for painting.

Of course he was also distracted by visitors who he shows round.

also in the barn James continued the welding of the ballast wagon while a team, (known as 'the dirty gang' for a very good reason), swarmed over the vacuum system brakes and operating mechanism.

Ian at one end and Richard at the other end replacing the vacuum hoses.

Grenville Andy and Phil were also busy

Phil and Andy brought the BG over the pit for an inspection of the brake system which had reported issues.

Steve and Phil resolved an issue with closing the doors on the goods van and finished the roof ends capping strip. Phil then tidied up the paint work that had been damaged during the exercise.

Steve moved on to making some new wood trim sections for the carriage windows. We had to fetch the plank of wood from storage vehicle in the yard.

Now of course you can guess where it was. The bottom of the stack.

Well almost it was bottom but one!

Steve soon produced the new sections and we returned the remaining section of the plank ... to the top of the stack.

I started the top coat on 4787 in the workshop but only got as far as the first window before diverting to assist Craig with the centre wall side door. Having refitted the hinges we went for trial hang on the door. It so much easier using the gantry.

Now it came out the hole and as far as we can work out 'nothing' has changed so it should go back in ... but it doesn't.

After a return to the work bench we tried hanging it again. Better but it still not right. so its back on the workbench waiting for more attention on Wednesday.

Craig made some good progress with the wood framing for the corner door.

A little trimming of the steel body side should enable the capping strip to be refitted and the door hung.

John Hill was working of the last three armrests for 5023.

We have the new cloth to match the seats so work is also going on to recover the side panelling.

Richard finished the day with a little filling on 4787.

While Paul did his usual and MOST valuable job of tea making and washing up. We may not say it often but we really do appreciate it Paul.

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