Saturday, 29 December 2012

Saturday December 29th

So back to the British weather. Rain, rain and more rain. Still 15 turned up for C and W duties today.

On CK16195 there were four basic activities. Preparation work also known as filling and sanding was the main focus wall side. This was in the hands of Dave,

Alan Baugh

Tony Barnard and Alex his son. Alex has just joined us as the newest apprentice.

while on the workshop side undercoat painting was the main activity. Cheryl was working on the window surrounds.

and when Bob had finished playing with his tights he was completing the same. He says he is straining the paint!

I started on the ends fixing the second set of corridor connection woods.

While the final activity was fixing new window glass to two windows. This was to replace two 'blown' double glazed units in the first class section. Richard Ken and Andy were carefully fitting the units.

On the conflat wagon and container Grenville finished the first top coat on one side and stated the second on the other while I worked on my sign writing by touching up the lettering on the wagon.

Steve has now started on the entrance flooring for the CK cleaning the rubbish and dust out to ensure a flat working area. Then cutting the main wood sections to support the floor.

John Hill was again busy on the seating for the last but one compartment working on the arm rests. he has obviously been practising on the turkey.

Finally there was some shunting and vacuum brake testing being conducted by Phil and Richard.
The china clay wagon brakes thankfully worked this time and the wagon was parked out by the Rbr.

The Monster Van has now replaced it in the barn where we can fit an new roof covering to it.

Its brakes also proved to be fully functional.

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