Friday, 28 December 2012

Santa Trains

So having arrived at Saaraselka Lapland the first 'train' to be organised was the toboggan train of grand children.

The temperature was -18C

Health and Safety Note:  The proper protective clothing was worn at all times.

Then there was the Husky train.

This was much faster than expected.

However, it was rather stop-start.

So many huskies, so many trees.

Then the sedate Reindeer train. Elegant to look at.

However, the view from it wasn't always that good.

Then there was ski train. It was much more fun getting to the ski slope along the flat if grandad was pulling.

Then we met up with himself.


The heating was not working in the station buffet. Perhaps that was a good thing although they did have a fire extinguisher

and emergency exit.

(in case you can't read it it says 'in case of emergency break ice')

Now there are some ideas on how to cope next time it snows on our Santa specials!!!

No I haven't gone off the rails.

We will be back to trains later.

when Dave has sent the promised update from Thursday.

Happy New Year to all my followers.

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