Monday, 17 December 2012

Monday 17th December

This is the last full Carriage Clean of the year (the sets are in use for the remaining Mondays) so as a special end of term treat Santa had left his Chocolate and Cream sleigh at the North Pole for us, just one more set of his many unknown helpers.

This week the team was Roger & Kath Bush, John & Anne McMillan and Philip Moore.

Rumour had it that there was another sleigh somewhere and sure enough he had left a note to say the maroon one was at the magnetic north pole, just up the road. 
So after completing this one we organised a road-train across the (not very) frozen wastes to the other set.  Like the first set there was a good sprinkling of remains of mince pies etc so a good brush of seating, floor sweeping, table and window cleaning was carried out on this sleigh as well.  There was also another surprise. 
Usually the toilets are not too bad, and there are only two in action on each sleigh, but one set at the North Pole was not good and had required more than usual attention.  Must have been the excitement of seeing Santa, as this sleigh had both loos needing attention! 
There was a note left to say unfortunately this set had run out of the flushing water, but you can guess the rest!  Suffice to say they had to be flushed and cleaned, not recommended when standing in the station.  So Philip (you remember, our toilet specialist) after cleaning the loos went down on to the track to sluice it down to make it presentable.  As a reward he was unanimously awarded double wages for the day! (Lucky fellow you spoil him!)
But like on previous occasions, there are unexpected rewards for volunteering.  In this case it was hearing a steam whistle during the morning, which turned out to be No. 15, EARL DAVID.

The end of term also marks the end of John & Evelyn Tucker’s long association with carriage cleaning.  With their retirement and double the number of coaches to clean next year we need additional volunteers to present the coaches in the best possible condition to our visitors.  Not everyone comes every week but the bigger the “pool” of volunteers the easier it is. If you would like to join us you will be made very welcome.

That’s it  - school’s out!  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and here’s looking forward to a great 2013 on the railway.

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Dave Clark said...

Thank you everyone for all your hard efforts, both on Monday and all through the past year. And especially so to John and Evelyn for the many years supporting the cleaning team. It is always a joy to wheel out a freshly refurbished coach but without our little band of cleaners our coaches wouldn't stay nice for long. Please do consider joining them if you can spare the time.