Friday, 28 December 2012

December 27th Thursday

report from Dave Clark

The first day back after Christmas saw 11 of us in on yet another wet day. Happily the weather didn't prevent a good showing by the general public and we were very pleased to see good numbers present on the DMU as it came by the RBr during our lunch and afternoon tea breaks.

SO 4790

It's amazing just how many little jobs make themselves known as a refurbishment nears completion, and 4790 is no exception. Robin spent a lot of his day cleaning all the windows inside, removing odd bits of varnish, paint spots and other marks as necessary. Paul - please note that Robin put down dust covers when he entered your "Keep out" zone (Paul has deep cleaned the floors in the central vestibule and workshop end compartment ready for sealing on Saturday). Later on Jeff continued the window clean up process on the outside.

Other little jobs were done in the corridor ends. Ken completed some black glossing in the north end, while Robin painted the chequerboard plates in silver Hammerite at both ends.

Conflat wagons
In the Barn, Pete Lucas completed the painting of the edges of the non-container conflat wagon in Freight Brown (Bauxite), carefully going around all the transfers.

He later moved into the Workshop to paint around the transfers on the wallside of the second containered conflat.

China Clay wagon
Very frustratingly, despite being given a thorough overhaul, the brakes failed to work on this wagon when tested a few weeks ago. As such Phil begins dismantling the brake mechanism again in preparation for the removal of the heavy vacuum cylinder.


Using the mobile hoist, Ken and Phil moved the cylinder into the workshop and once more gave it a very thorough overhaul. Here Phil guides the piston into the cylinder as Ken slowly releases the pressure on the hoist.

With the piston firmly reseated on its rubber seal, Ken carefully tightened each perimiter nut. By the end of the day, the cylinder was back in place under the wagon. This will be given another test, probably on Saturday, and hopefully it will be successful.

CK 16195

The day started off with Peter Fisher carrying on with the filling/sanding work on the wallside of the coach.
With so much loose paint needing to be removed around most of the windows and under the gutters when we started working on this coach, initial bodywork preparation has been a somewhat lengthy process to say the least. However, if a job needs doing, then it needs doing properly.
With the lines taped up on the Workshop side, Bob Keyte continues applying the lovely undercoat Madder that he started putting on last Saturday.

(it looks rather stricking with the grey window surrounds)
Bogies need cleaning too, and having done a grand job on the ones for SO 4790, Malcolm turns his attention to those on the CK.  Having scrapped all the muck off and given a good brushing down, he will begin applying Underframe Black - this particular paint has an oil resistent ingredient and is thus not as glossy as the black used for the sole bar, buffers, coach ends, etc.
Using an enormous bit, John Osborn carefully drills rebates in the supports for one of the two water tank filler pipes. He later reinstated the pipe at the park end of the coach.
There is still a lot do inside the CK. Having cleaned up and stained another panel strip from one of the second class compartments, Michael moves it up to the ever growing pile in the office for safe keeping (we ought to change the chalked "4790" to "16195"). 
Meanwhile in the last of the second class compartments Jeff completed the careful sanding down of the corridor window frames and other narrow strips of beading.

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