Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Wednesday October 3rd

Report by Dave Clark thanks Dave.

Back to more normal numbers today with about 15 in. A busy and very productive day.

Ann Gore's visit

We were delighted to have Ann Gore visit us today. Derrick O'Brien gave her a tour around the Workshop and Barn so that she could see where Geoff had spent so many happy hours. We then adjourned to the Coffee Pot where a table had been prepared, so that we could enjoy our mid-morning break there and discuss what we could buy for the workshop with the wonderful donation from Ann. 

Ann said that in time she would very much like to come and work on the Railway.

SO 4790

A considerable amount of work went into this coach today.

Russ Smith primed some plywood strips that Eddie Paddon had prepared. 

These will be screwed to the base of the panelling and act as kick boards in the new vestibule, and where required in the Barn end vestibule. When secured they will be painted gloss black. 

Russ also primed the left hand upright and top bar of new wooden frame for the corridor door - these will be painted in gloss black (the right hand upright will be stained and varnished).

The Upholstery team were busy in the Park end compartment.

In the wheelchair area John Hill attached to the bodyside panelling the covered side panel for the new single seat.

The completed seat

The rest of the compartment with the installation of the remaining seating well underway.

The Door team were busy working on 5 different doors. At the Barn end Mike Blakeman and Craig Dyer continued the process of fixing the hinges on the barn end wallside door. While on the central wallside door, Derek continued with fitting the wooden door pull.

Ralph Pickstone was also working on the back panelling and pull on the left hand door of the wallside double doors. These doors are now ready for external painting and as such a start on this will be made on Thursday.

Craig was also busy fitting the door pull on the workshop side center door.

Here Craig is measuring up to produce a tiny wooden insert in the panelling on the back of the door at the barn end workshop side.

By the end of the day, the back panelling was complete and ready for staining and varnishing.

Also the bottom section had been coated in wood primer prior to painting in undercoat brown. The internal sections of this doorframe have also had some paint work tidied up where required.

China Clay Wagon

The very heavy side door of the wagon is lowered to enable the digging out of rotten wood along the bodyside edge.

Tony Shilham begins removing the rotten wood.

Grenville adds more undercoat brown on some previously primed planking.

The new planking ordered by Eddie arrived mid morning and was soon being prepared. It was good to see Dave Ward back after a long absence, and here he is busy sawing the planks into the required lengths.

Eddie runs one of the planks through the large multi-plane/saw bench.

The new planking will now be treated with preservative prior to fitting, priming and then painting.

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