Thursday, 11 October 2012

Thursday October 11th

With a total of 21 volunteers signing in today lots of things were one the cards to be accomplished.

The early action in clouded the usual carriage washing squad getting a chance to wash the other side of the carriages as the rake was parked in platform two. This was fortunate as one of the windows in the RBr had shattered. This will take some organisation and coordination to get properly fixed.

However, the maintenance team were in again today working there way through the main rake with the odd visit to the workshop to size up a temporary window for the RBr. With that in place Ron was was busy giving it a coat of paint before it rained.

Another early starter was Peter Fisher who completed the clean up and inspection of the outer end of CK16195. Having decided on the work to be carried out a further clearing of the area around was completed

and the first new section of crash pillar was duly welded into place. All topped on with the usual warning. It's HOT!

Mike Blakeman usually a Wednesday man and part of the door team came in to progress the final door on SO4790.  

I spent much of the day assisting him and by the end we had completed the fitting of the hinges and started on the capping strip.

Ken Reeves and Richard Johnson contemplate the work ahead. they spent the morning refitting the vacuum cylinder and brake gear under the China Clay Wagon.

Roger Wicker set about sanding and reprinting some sections of ceiling panel.

John Osborn was working on the corridor connector spacers. These have rusted at the bottom and John makes new bottom sections.

Ben Carroll, having made two track crossing plates for us to use when moving trolleys over the embedded track in the workshop, got a request for two more.

After the experience of using the first two these will larger allowing more manoeuvring room as we cross the track. These are 14 inch squares.

Black lines will be added when the yellow is dry.

Michael was again sanding and varnishing various wood strips for CK16195.

While in the morning Paul Woodswas busy sanding

And in the afternoon this was carried on the other side of the carriage by Tony Barnard.

The end of the China Clay Wagon also got its new planking fitted (probably Wednesday it was alrerady done when I arrived this morning).

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