Saturday, 6 October 2012

Saturday - October 6th

 With lots going on at the GWR it was always going to be an interesting day even if we didn't do any work.

There was a fire and drive experience running, so two locos in action.

Then to increase the passenger numbers there was also fish and chip lunch special running. All of which meant the car park was packed.

Having had our fix of steam engines and with 17 present we did do some work of course.

Peter Fisher back from holiday was in early to see what was going on and started dismantling the second end of CK 16195 to ascertain what work is needed to the structural pillars.

Having removed the outer skin it was apparent that some work will be needed but its not bad. It was also evident that an earlier repair, who knows where, was simply to patch over the old panelling . Thus we had to remove two layers of metal to see what the situation was.

This is very much a case of one job leads to another.

To do the welding we now have to clear the area. So the inner wood panelling and insulation has to be removed. I spent the rest of the day working on this finally clearing one side ready for next week.

It was quite a day for panels.  Steve completed the new vestibule.

Bob followed on by applying the first coat of varnishing to the area.

Steve moved on to fit the shelf and the first of the removable tables in the disabled area.

Normally the table will be stored elsewhere to allow maximum manoeuvring room.

The shelf providing cup and can facilities for every day use while the table can be clipped in for fish and chip specials etc.

John Squires having work the battle with the cross threaded feeder pipe boss on top of CK 161915, he returned to the making and fitting of the vacuum pipes for SO 4790. The will have to wait final fitting when the carriages swap places in the near future. He wants the carriage on the jacks for the final fit.

Elsewhere, the work on the wagons proceeded a pace with Grenville painting in GWR Brown, wood sealer and under coat at various times during the day.

The completed 5 plank wagon was shunted out and replaced with two conflat wagons. (Flat wagons for containers). Not the sort 2 for 1 offer we like!

While the shunt was in progress some of slipped away for a ride on the train ourselves to see the latest progress or lack of on the landslips towards the south, well it makes a change from visiting chicken curve and we got to check the fish and chips out as well, yummy.

One came with a container

the other without. we are thinking about what we can load this wagon with.

This flow of wagons means lots of vacuum cylinders to be overhauled. here Andy, Richard and Ken check the seals on the next one.

Chris and Nikki visited the Elegant Excursion set to deal with some sticking doors.

Dave was helping out with the varnishing of some of the final trim strips for 4790. The final fitting out is nearing completion.

We still have a little work to complete on one door
and then three doors to paint
and of course some work underneath!

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