Thursday, 4 October 2012

October 4th - Thursday

With 20 signed on today there was a mass of varied activities going on and thanks to Dave for the photos today as I forgot my camera. As I started this it dawned on me that I have never pointed out that 20 people in does not mean ALL day. The 20 means 20 different people.

For instance Cheryl who is always in early normally only does mornings. during which time she will be seen doing a variety of things from washing and cleaning the carriages, painting and here staining the new wood panelling to the correct colour.

Others come in later, John Osborn and Bob Keyte usually makes it in time for morning coffee.

Thus it is with all of us very varied hours which makes work coordination a challenge to say the least.  It's much more about identifying what needs to be done, what is available to do and hoping someone with the right skills turns up to do them. Fortunately Dave is an optimist and keeps smiling.

Paul another of the early starters leads the carriage washing and cleaning on a Thursday morning

and is assisted by anybody else who turns up early. In this case Robin.

Among them today was Malcolm who got carried away. As it was the first non running Thursday for the trains he took the opportunity to do some tidying up on the roofs of the carriages.

There are the specialist trades, the woodworkers, the electricians and the welders and those of us who are basically practical and turn our hands to what ever is needed.

Today I was part of the paint team spending the day lining out. Tomorrow I'm Abanaza in a production of Alladin! Saturday who can tell.

Peter Lucus was engaged in the prep work for painting the wall side double doors.

Jeff Broderick was also in painting mode working on the corridor connect at the station end.

Much work was also being undertaken on CK 16195 in the barn. Continuing the painting theme inside Roger Wicker and John Hughes were working their way along the compartments painting ceilings. While Rod Wells was starting on the outside. Most of the sanding has now been completed.

Having passed some of the corridor connection parts to John Osborn for welding repairs. Here you can see the ends of the two rotten ones between the two from the other end that John has already repaired.

Meanwhile Ken Reeves continued the dismantling of the various pieces of equipment from the carriage end. So that the welders can have clear access for the major repairs.

The wooden mount bars for the corridor connector have now gone revealing more work for the welders.

Ron Bennett, good to see you back, was busy sanding seat back wood trims ready for Micheal Jackson to Varnish.

Also in today was several members of the train maintenance team installing the latest version the battery charging circuits on SO 4790 before it goes into service. Here Ted Ellis and Richard Bates investigate where the unit goes while Steve Smith was getting it from the car.

They were also taking advantage of it being a non running day. Its so much easier when the carriages stay still long enough for you get the jobs finished!

This is more often were we see them.

A great all round effort today progressing so many different jobs.

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