Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wednesday September 19th

Well we got back from the Med yesterday. 19 degree is cold when you left 28 degrees.

I saw one of the new Spanish high speed lines being built. Its due to open next spring. No doubt in this country there will still be talks about HS2.

Still the GWSR will be up and running hopefully.

Dave was again in on a Wednesday he must have broken his calendar
Report from Dave Clark 
Besides all the usual dashing about, more visitors, and a problem with the RBr, I also ended up with two chaps from the fire department trying to clean up the foot crossing between platforms 1 and 2 - it's soaked in oil and grease because this is where the loco stands, and with wheelchairs using it tomorrow and Thomas this weekend, something urgent had to be done.

There were 10 in today, with nearly all the work concentrated on SO 4790.

With most of the coach now painted with two top coats, lining out has been started, with most of the lower line on the Workshop side completed. A start has also been made with painting the door stubs, handles and window top bars in gloss black.

The door team were busy working on four doors, mainly involving the fitting of the wooden sections which comprise the door backs.

Mike Blakeman was busy drilling holes 
to attach the hinges to the remaining single door, which is located on the wall side.

Derrick O'Brien is busy attaching the wooden door pull to the back of the middle door on the wall side
At the far end, Ralph Pickstone was doing the same thing to the left-hand of the wall side twin doors.
None of the above is easy and Ralph is seen chiselling a small piece out of his door pull to ensure a firm fitting.
On the single end door on the workshop side, a new base and panel was fitted to the back by Craig.
The panel and sloping part of the door base will be stained and varnished, while the main base section beneath will be primed and painted to end up in top coat brown.

The second of the two new internal sliding doors to the disabled section was stained by Eddie - this can now be varnished. The other side had already been varnished by Bob Keyte last Saturday.

Eddie proudly stands by his two new hardwood vertical bases for the Workshop end corridor connection on CK 16195. The old ones had been found to have largely rotted away when the connection had been removed.

Tony Shilham coninued the good work to remove old paint from the China Clay wagon B743835 in the Barn. Last Saturday Derek Clark had replaced some of the rotten planking on the Workshop end.
In the Barn the rebuild of the Workshop end of CK 16195 has continued with some more panelling now welded on. At the other end, all the screws and bolts on the corridor connection have been removed, and hopefully with help from the Loco Dept and their forklift, we should be able to remove this soon (possibly this coming Saturday).

In the Worshop, the bauxite open wagon W143760 is now almost completed. With the vacuum cylinder and other removed parts of the braking mechanism put back, Grenville applied underframe black paint where needed, making the vehicle look very smart. Richard will add the transfers this Saturday and then two coats of varnish can be applied.

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Toddington Ted said...

Although I enjoy this blog and read each entry avidly, it was wonderful to be able to meet some of the C&W team at Winchcombe today (Thursday) on our engineering day trip out from Lincolnshire. Although I've visited the C&W dept on several occasions I'm always amazed at the dedication and hard work you people put in. Needless to say, my 2 work colleagues were also mightily impressed. If this wasn't enough, while we were there, Thomas arrived on a low loader! A great day out and thank you.