Friday, 7 September 2012

Thursday September 6th

A busy day and a very varied day for the 21 who came in today.

A large group gathered to wash the running rake first thing completing the platform side of 6 of the 7 carriages

and a wash of all the tables and a lot of the windows internally.

the painting of SO 4790 continued workshop side with Peter Lucus at one end

and Cheryl at the other. By the end of the day the second top coat workshop side was complete.

On CK 16195 Malcolm repaired a corner of the roof, while I emptied a 2.5 litre can of roof paint, yes on the roof!

I actually only covered just over a third of the roof. So that about 7 litres for one coat 14 litres for two. More paint please Dave.

While John Osborn was welding another section of Z pillar
and a cover plate into position.

Jeff Broderick had the sander out to progress the rub down and Ken continued the work of removing the Toddington end corridor connector.

On the Maroon rake the maintenance gang, Paul, Ron, Roger and Robin were still beavering away. with the carriages standing out towards Chicken Curve on what is normally the running line they are totally exposed to the sun. The temperature inside climbs steadily all day so well done lads.

The wagon moved into the workshop the other day was the venue for a master class on underbody maintenance by Richard Johnson. The group striping down both the brakes and the axle boxes.

The wagons are to be part of the freight train being assembled for next year.

With 16 or more wagons required a number of assessments were carried out round the yard with some work being carried out where the wagons stand we have no chance to get them shunted one by one into the workshop.

So it was fortunate that the weather was good today.

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