Friday, 28 September 2012

Thursday September 28th.

Report from Dave Clark

Just 9 in today, and only one heavy rain shower which kept me in the Model Railway coach in the Bay platform a bit longer than intended. Like we believe that Dave! 

The reward however was the lovely sight of the gleaming 8F with the Maroon rake slowly pulling into Platform 1. It's nice to see the less-used Maroon rake in action. This will be a more regular sight when next year's timetable comes into being and we have two steam trains running on the Red days and other special events. That's if you can get your head round the rather complex timetable. Check out the 2013 Timetables.

SO 4790

With the screeding put down on Wednesday, Bob Web and his mate were back to lay the new lino. The blue was for the new wheelchair area, while the grey is used regularly for our coach vestibules.

The completed laying, with the lovely Royal Blue marking out the wheelchair area. The adjacent lino in the gangway and used throughout both compartments is actually a deep blue - it just needs a good clean!

Paul will be doing that later and then applying a clear coating - it will then be really gleaming and ready for service.



As sometimes happens, it is only during painting or even when removing masking tape, that an underlying bubble or weak point in old filler makes itself known.

In this case it was the latter where it abutted the capping strip.

So, step by step, the weak area was removed, reprimed and refilled, very carefully sanded, and as can be seen here, re-undercoated. Ces't la vie!

Pete Lucas, and Rod Wells on the opposite side, continued the lengthy process of lining out. As it's the upper line, Pete is able to make use of the gutter to hold the roles of low impact tape as he carefully applies it to enable the black section to be painted. The yellow section had been applied last week.

Although more expensive, impact tape bonds more tightly and thus enables a sharper line - it is however vicious stuff if left too long on newish paint!

Other work on 4790 during the day included Ben and I cleaning up and painting in gloss black the buffers and surrounding area at the Barn end of 4790. The new wooden steps at this end were also given a second coat of black paint.

China Clay Wagon

Ken Reeves did a very good job of removing the brake gear on the wallside of the wagon, which will enable the vacuum cylinder to be removed and overhauled this weekend. He is shown battling a reluctant bolt, but thankfully his persistence won in the end.


New track covers

Ben Carroll did a very useful job in making two plate covers to go over the tracks in the workshop.

We usually use strips of wood to go into the grooves, but these are often not so good when attempting to move something very heavy, such as the small-wheeled lifting gear with a heavy vacuum cylinder suspended.     

The new plates, with square tubes cut and welded underneath to fit the grooves, will provide a much smoother passage. Ben later painted them in bright yellow - the black stripes will be added later.


Model Railway TPO in the Bay Platform

Pic 4 - Work to repair the water damaged internal sections of this vehicle continued, and took up much of the day for Robin Moore and Ron Woodruff. Here Robin is offering up one of the new window frame sections made by our woodworking team.


CK 16195

Sorry no pictures, but John Osborn continued with his metal working on the workshop end of this vehicle. The corridor connection at the other end may be removed this weekend.

Chicken Curve ramble

With the news that the Class 73 and ballast train had traversed the new track at Chicken Curve, after lunch we just had to go up and see for ourselves.

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