Saturday, 29 September 2012

Saturday September 29th

With 15 turning out today it was action in all areas. Well almost. We didn't visit the model railway carriage today. However, we did achieve great progress on SO 4790. Cheryl had a quick lesson in the art of staining wood panelling from Eddie.

She then spent the morning staining half the panelling in the main vestibule of the carriage.

Steve Barnfield started the day installing more panelling and trim in the barn end of 4790.

He finished the day back in the main vestibule refitting the sliding doors, they had to be removed for the lino to be fitted.

Phil Jones  was engaged in refitting the external handles while I fitted the top hinge of the door '1W' on the wall side barn end of the carriage.

Together we then lifted the door back into position ready for the door team on Wednesday.

The china clay wagon now in the workshop came in for a lot of attention. Derek Clark started cutting out the rotten planking and during the afternoon I gave him some assistance.

Several bolts had to be cut out but the main problem is that the wood has to be cut behind the vertical metal bar. In the end we managed to slide the wood sideways far enough to cut it then push it back into position.

Underneath, Ken Reeves and Alan Thompson removed the vacuum cylinder. After stripping it down it needed considerable cleaning.

It had a lot of china clay dust inside it. As I left Richard Johnson was testing the refurbished cylinder.

 Phil Salter was attending to the axle boxes, stripping them down cleaning and refurbishing them.

While on the 5 plank wagon now almost complete in the barn Richard Johnson affixed the memento plaque.

The Plaque in place.

we took a little longer this time.

On CK 16195. It was story of the two ends ,John Osborn was welding in another new end plate.

At the other with the assistance of the loco guys we removed the corridor connector.

I then stripped off the two spacer plates ready for repair. They will both need about 3 inches replaced on the bottom end where it has rusted away.

In the middle of the carriage Ben was testing the door tool he had made to a Ken Reeves design. This tool is to assist with the sliding doors which can occasionally derail. Here Ben is making the tool.

Till now we had to dismantle a large part of the door and rail to remount it. No longer. Well done both.

On top of the carriage John Squires was struggling with the water feeder pipes to the water tank. They are connect via a large boss on the roof.

Unfortunately when they were connected about 50 years ago they were cross threaded and roughly sealed by mastic.

As the pipes needed replacing John has made new pipes but getting the threads sorted out was proving difficult.

It was also a day for lots of visitors. Two taking the day off, Chris Taylor with his Dad and, perhaps unrecognisable, Nikki

Another group pop round between trains.

and I never did find out what Paul was doing with the lino off cut.

and the shock of the day has to be Bob Keyte sanding some wood trim thus creating lots of dust in the workshop intead of complaining about everybody else doing it.

During the morning there was also a meeting to finalise the basic layout of the new workshops. Detailed internal layouts  for each of the areas will be dealt with shortly but the fabrication can now begin.

So a day of massive progress well done everybody!!


Anonymous said...

Nick of the GWR 813 Fund,
Do you use seasoned wood for your wagons?

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

I don't know. I'll ask a man who does when I see him Saturday and let you know.