Sunday, 23 September 2012

Saturday September 22nd

Despite it being a Thomas weekend when many of C&W are busy volunteering elsewhere on the railway there were still 15 turned out for duty today. It was a very varied day with a bit of everything.

We started with a plea for a vacuum seal of the troublesome trucks guards van. Easily dealt with after a delve into the stores.

Then it was down to work. Ken Reeve was again working on the wagons also dealing with the vacuum system.

Grenville was busy painting the five plank covered wagon, ok it hasn't go a cover at the moment but that is being investigated. There are some sections of the planking to be replaced and while Eddie was in he assessed what needed to be replaced the affected bolts were then duly removed.

Part of the way through this work we carried out a quick shunt swapping the two wagons over for some additional work on covered wagon.

 The other wagon pictured during the shunt. it was also an opportunity to test the vacuum brakes fitted to the wagon.

was also getting some attention with the lettering being applied by Richard prior to a sealing coat of varnish by Dave prior to his going home.

CK 16195 was the focus of most of my day was I completed the first coat of Roof paint. The end being reached at almost the same moment the 5 ltr can of high build paint ran out. Well there is a  spoonfuls of paint left but that is effectively 7.5 litres for one coat.

John Osborn continued to patch and repair the workshop end after Ken removed all the flammable insulation.

On SO4790 John Squires got to grips with the replacement of rusted pipe work in the vacuum system. Taking the opportunity to give Ben a lesson in the operation of the big pipe threader. 

Then the fitting of the pipe.

Steve Barnfield has now switched vestibules on 4790 fitting the floor and then doing a major part of the panelling at the barn end.  

John Hill was also enjoying a change repairing one of the DMU drivers seats.

Well not only is change as good as rest.

We also get to see just how much the seat clothes can fade!

John has actually used a different clother to recover the seat but here is old cover with amatching peice of new.

Of corse there were other distractions not always available.

A stretch routemaster


and Thomas with the troublesome trucks.

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