Sunday, 2 September 2012

Saturday September 1st moving day

Moving but not the move you may think. In the yard there was a team effort to move, over very rough ground, the old gas bottle store to a new location.

This wasn't the end of the moves but the others were not about the paintshop but led to massive activity around the yard. 
  P'Way were on a major push to get the sleeper laid on chicken curve this meant they were back and forward all day with two diggers collecting and move them from the far side of the yard.

While at the same time for C&W Phil Salter, Ken Reeve and Richard Johnson were shunting two trucks into the workshop.

This meant they had to move most of the wagons on the farside of the yard, the Maroon rake and the 8F. 

When the shunting was done we had this open wagon in the workshop.

Richard tells us that it was built between 1939 – 45 at Swindon. It had a load capacity of 13 tons, and was one of a batch of 1500 built at the same time. It would have originally been in GWR all over grey, so that seems a more appropriate colour scheme for the gala, as it will fit nicely into the GWR goods train.

Cheryl and Bob both progressed the second top coat on SO4790 and lightly sanded the rest of the first top coat ready for the second.

Steve Barnfield continued the panelling in the main vestibule today completing the trimming of several of the small corners. 

He actually had to make the trim strips first then fit it.

Grenville and Nikki both spent some time in the sunshine working on the monster van.

Gren on the bodywork and Nikki on the sole bar and springs.

Ken put to use his earlier career training while removing the garden siding fence. The fence was then stacked for re use else where by building services.

Ken, we forget to put the 'please shut the gate' sign up after you finished.

Amid the moves Chris Taylor and daughter Nikki fitted some replacement door panelling in the Maroon rake having checked out the panelling in CK16195.

Malcolm and I completed the Primer on the roof of CK16195 this was followed up with some sanding of the side panelling to remove the original varnish. 

While out on the Maroon rake Dennis Richards was checking the battries charge levels.

while Ben was making anew lock bracket for SO4790's corridor connection door.

Derek Clark spent much of the day fitting out the floor support frame to the barn end entrance of SO 4790.

So lots achieved by the 16 who worked so hard today.

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