Thursday, 5 July 2012

Thursday July 5th

Almost back to normal except of course having tidied every thing up we won't be able to find anything for weeks. 

we finished the tidy up in the barn today removing CK 16195 so that we could move things around and clean up.

Even the shelf stands up straight now and is secure to the wall. Good job Ben.

Pete and Dave went up to the TPO van and continued the patch painting prior to a full repaint later in the summer, if we ever get any reasonable weather.

John Squires tried various method to loosen the corridor connection bolts on CK 16195. this was about the third attack.

Then if the spanner still doesn't work ......

try a bigger one. This was partially successful in that the nut came off. Unfortunately despite more heat treatment and a very large hammer the bolt still won't come out.

We will have to think it out again and have another try Saturday.

Robin installed the insulation into the walls of the SO 4790's entrance vestibule.

and finally we removed the large lathe which just doesn't get used.

It was replaced in the workshop by a new larger capacity metal saw which really pleased John Osborn

or it will when the electrician comes to connect it up as its three phase.

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Tony Seddon said...

Itwas nice to get back and see everyone, and nice to see the progress being made. Tony Seddon.