Thursday, 26 July 2012

Thursday July 26th

HOT HOT HOT! three days on the trot.

Must be time to declare a drought.

Picking up on some of the work carried out yesterday:

we have the painting of the new steps of  SO 4790/ Three short steps

and two long ones.

The long shelf for the disabled area now varnished and looking superb.

Another replacement ceiling for the maroon rake.  This one has now been undercoated.

Today, as usual at the moment there was some carriage washing

and window cleaning. We don't have a Ukulele.....


Nikki continued with cleaning up the underframe on the Monster Van.

while in the workshop the stirring of paint has again been observed. Cheryl working on one of the barn end doorways.

While Rod was painting at the other end

Ken having assisted me with progressing the wall side double door mounting also turned to painting

This time the front of the dust extractor.

and Ben also got in on the act with etch primer on two aluminium strips he has cut out under the watchful eye of John Osborn who assisted with tidying the edges up.

John also did a little welding job for me spot welding into positioning a dozen nuts for one of the double doors.
Which Ken and I promptly removed to start fitting the wooden liner.

At the end of the day even Dave found the opportunity to get a brush out.
Note the platform has also been painted. I gather that was by Grenville but not sure when. It wasn't to day.

Not pictured Bob washed some ceilings in CK 16195 and then painted one of them, while I cut out the rotten base of two of the crash pillars on the carriage ready for the welders to do there thing.

Dave also had along meeting about gas supply requirements for the heating system in the new paint shop.....     

when it gets built.

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