Sunday, 22 July 2012

Saturday July 21st

With an unexpected visit from a bedraggled daughter and her family returning from a rain sodden camping holiday in Wales I didn't make it in again.

With many of the C&W team taking a day trip out on the Brighton Belle coach work was, not unexpectedly, limited. However, thanks to Dave who, despite being on the trip, sent this report. With the pictures taken on Sunday while showing a large group from the Mid Hants around.

SO 4790
Steve Barnfield continues to do some excellent work in the new vestibule, with the curved wooden supports and more panelling now in place. These are now ready for priming.

Some more wooden fittings were given a further coat of varnish.


Eddie came in for his regular visit and we were able to discuss a number of points on the progress of this coach. These visits are extremely useful because, although we have a message book and leave notes where relevant, there is nothing better than first hand information and planning. Eddie later took the clamps of his new shelf for the disabled area, and we were able to see what a lovely job he had made of it (for pictures please see the blog for Wednesday 18 July).

CK 16195

John Squires was able to complete the removal of the wooden sections of the corridor connection on the Workshop end. We now have full access to enable the removal and replacement of all the corroded metalwork.

Clive and Charlotte worked on the inside, firstly removing the plaques on the wooden tops of the corridor heaters and then sanding the latter down to remove any loose paint.


They then started to strip out the internal wooden window framing inside the first class compartments - the individual segments were numbered to identify the compartment and window concerned, and their position within the window itself. These will now be sanded down and re varnished, and then put back in their respective locations.

All the remaining second class seating was removed from the CK and placed against the Barn wall, in preparation of eventual re-covering.

Maroon Rake
We are continuing with a number of repairs and some minor repainting within the Maroon Rake.

Another section of vestibule ceiling has had to be removed, so during the day Derek made a replacement, which was later fitted with a light and wiring. This will need priming and then painting in undercoat and gloss white, before being installed.

Dust Extraction Unit
For many years an external dust extraction unit has sat in the Barn awaiting attention. Hopefully this can be used in connection with the proposed Woodworking/Building Services room in the new Paintshop building. Despite looking a bit weather worn externally, the inside of the mechanism is actually in good condition.

The unit with its front cover removed.

The air filter unit, vacuumed out during the day by Phil Salter.

Phil later cleaned up the rusting doors and applied some red oxide.

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