Sunday, 15 July 2012

Saturday 14 July

Report from Dave Clark

We had 18 in and with lots going on there was plenty of work for everyone. It was an excellent day all round with a lot of progress in both the Workshop and Barn, and some more very rewarding visits.

SO 4790 - Nicky started early and applied the first coat of varnish to 10 pieces of prestained woodwork. Two more coats of varnish and these will be ready for fitting.  She also gave the large panel on the woodwork bench a second coating.

With the door at the Barn end/Workshop side now fitting perfectly we can complete the filling and painting up to first top coat on this part of the coach. So Cheryl applied filler to cover the screw heads and edges of the two capping strips. The new aluminium strip on the left hand side had already received a coating of grey etch primer - this will be topped up before undercoat is applied.

Later in the day, Chris began setting up the new wooden door pillar ready to receive the door catch.

The greatest progress was at the other end of the coach in the new vestibule.

Ken completed the fitting of the wooden strips to the metal cross-spars, to which the panelling will be nailed.
Steve used the new metal brackets that Nicky made on Thursday to secure the roof timbers. He then began working on the end section, adding more lengths of wood to which panelling can be fixed.

Phil continued his work on the electrics and set up the wiring for the four vestibule lights.

A successful day with all the lights now attached and working, and the Steve's new section of panelling fitted. With all the insulation in place, the vestibule was very warm. Phil commented in the morning that it was beginning to look like a recording studio and asked when the band would be arriving!

Derek, one of our door team, arrived later in the day and secured the new capping strip for the double doors on the Workshop side.


Grenville applied preservative to the five new door steps and then, when dry, he painted them with wood primer.

Vacuum hoses

Dennis, who deals with most of our maintenance issues, prepared some more new vacuum hoses. He is using a special tool to measure and cut to size the metal bands for securing the armoured rubber hose to the connections.

Some major progress was also made with CK 16195 our maroon combined 1st / 2nd class coach in the Barn. As previously reported, trying to remove the large bolts at the base of the corridor connection had been a trial to say the least. Rather than waste any more time or effort, Phil took the next best option and disconnected the rods held by the bolts at the other end.  Phil organised pulling the CK out of the Barn.
He roped in Adrian from the Loco Dept who can drive the fork lift truck. Guided by Phil and Andy, Adrian carefully moves the closed-up forks under the top of the heavy corridor connection. The connection was then pulled away from the coach body with the long vestibule buffers still attached, and carefully placed out of the way against the Barn wall. Thank you Adrian for your help - it was much appreciated.


With the CK shunted back into the Barn, John Squires and Ken could begin to remove the wooden base sections.

John then began cutting out the corroded metal panelling.     


Meanwhile the metal space fillers from the connection were taken into the Workshop - the corroded bottom section can be seen.

Ben prepared a new piece of sheet metal to effect the repair. With the metal edges ground smooth and  then used the folding machine to bend the section to the required shape.

Further ceiling painting was done in the CK - we are making good progress with the first class section, with just one of the compartments still requiring top coat.
Phil Jones lightly sands the undercoated corridor ceiling before Bob Keyte puts on the top coat.


Andy adds top coat to another of the first class compartments.


During the early part of the morning we were visited by Ray, from Birmingham who kindly brought us a large bag of sheets. On spotting the painting of Cadbury No 1 above the blackboards, he was delightfully surprised. The reason? He had worked at Cadburys and often had rides on the locomotive when it was in use there. Before taking him on a tour of the Workshop, Barn and the Yard, I couldn't resist taking a photo of him in front of the painting.


The second visit of the day was expected and involved 10 members from the Northants Branch of the Railway Correspondence and Travel Society.

They arrived with Glyn Cornish, who had just taken them to the signal box where Bob Mac was on duty. They were a very nice group, expressing much interest in all aspects of our work in C&W.

Glyn followed up with a tour of the yard.

Overall, Saturday was a very satisfying and rewarding day, with a lot achieved and two very enjoyable visits.

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