Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Monday 2nd July - Work Week begins

This is a rather misleading title in that we don't work. Well not on the carriages at least. This is an opportunity to tidy up, clean up and sort out the workshop and the barn.

Indeed instead of a brew Dave took high tea.
Having found a suitable cloth.

The first day of our annual Work Week was spent giving much of the Workshop a major tidy up. We removed lots of clutter, skipped the rubbish, and swept and vacuumed as much as possible. In the Barn, we cleared away the new table tops and some large seat backs that had been left against the wall - these are now stored in the Monster Van.

Hey isn't somebody supposed to be leaning on that broom?

However, some work does still get done on the carriages,

Being a non-service day we were also able to sort out a couple of problems in the chocolate and cream rake. Firstly, the hand brake in BSO W9000 had been reported as very tight to release - this has now been fixed. The water raiser in RBr 1672 has also been dealt with as far as is currently possible - only completely new piping will fully resolve the blockage problem, but it is now better than it was

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