Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Wednesday Working 18th January

Eddie Paddon preparing to cut out new door jamb strips from a large piece of hardwood.

Tony Shilham working on the metal frame at the side of the middle doorway in preparation for insertion of that new door jamb. 

Tony then set about tidying up the side panel with body filler around the middle doorway.

Derek O' Brien and Ralph Pickstone working on the hinge mountings for one of the disabled access doors.

Peter Fisher working with an angle grinder to remove some of the rusted areas at the other end of the carriage. this is the third corner of the carriage to be attended too. Its looking like all four will need the same attention.

Pete shows the rusted base of the pillar he is removing.  He will be welding a new section into place fairly soon.

All rust cleared away and ready for welding a new metal section in place.

 Grenville Care and Eddie Paddon hard at it.

Grenville Care chiseling off an earlier covering to a table. (so that's where the table tops are).

Our thanks to Russell Smith for the pictures and report.

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