Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Wednesday Wanderings

If you understand the chess set you may understand the Carriage and Wagon department.

Up to now we have looked largely at the workshop teams of Thursday and Saturday (cos' thats when I'm in) and even ventured into the upholstery van.

Thanks to Russ we have more recently seen the work in the workshop on Wednesdays but today we venture out into the cold with our real Wednesday Gang. (There is at least one other line with a Wednesday Gang but there's does track maintenance).

Our Wednesday Gang maintains the carriages of the running sets.

So the workshops rebuilds while they maintain. There is a Cleaning Team but they are like the phantom big cats of Briton rarely seen by the rest of C & W because they opperate largely out of Toddington, so I'm told. If anyone has a camera and spots them please let me have the pictures!!!!!!

The Carriage Maintenance Group carry out all the usual maintenance you should do on your car.

Like checking the electrolyte levels in the batteries.

These belong to the RBr in the chocolate & cream set.

Then you should check the brakes.
Here its a team effort for the members of the Carriage Maintenance Group.

Having some spares to hand does help.

A new brake block in place.

Once installed they need adjustment and just like the car you have to get underneath.

Then there is the suspension to check. Here at least the leaf springs aqre easy to get at.

Being out in the yard the Carriage Maintenance Group don't have a useful workbench to straightening a runner from one of the vestibule doors so improvisation is in order.
Now that is alow tech and low level workbench!
If you are saying to yourself 'I don't do that to my car', well when these carriages were built you probably would have.
Back in the warm of the workshop
Grenville Care was still cleaning the table tops for the RBr this time with a with a hot air stripper to get a smooth finish.
Mike Blakeman using a spokeshave to obtain a good fit on the timber which will form a door pillar insert  for the Disabled carriage SO 4790.
Tony Barnard - making a very welcome appearance on a Wednesday - preparing some of the sliding windows for re-insertion into the Disabled carriage. (he was obviously very excited to get the sliding windows finished all 32 of them - great job Tony)

Our thanks once again to Russ Smith for the  pictures.


Roger said...

Hi Pete,

The "official" carriage cleaning team operate out of Winchcombe while the carriages are there. It was on Fridays in 2011. Day for 2012 is under review. So it was not unusual for the coaches to be cleaned two days running!!

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Hi Roger. Thanks for the info its aproblem of a large department operating on several days. We never get to meet. The state carriages get in 2 washes in 2 days won't hurt!!!

Send me some pictures sometime and i will happily include them in the Blog.