Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wednesday the first 2012

The first of 2012 and the first from out new correspondent Russ Smith who has kindly agreed to take notes on a Wednesday.

So very very many thanks to him for stepping in to bridge the gap for us.

Dave Ward and Eddie Paddon working on removing old PVC covering to one of the tables - from the RBr

Mind you they have got a stack of tables still to do after it was decided to replace all the table tops.

SO 4790's centre wall side door get some attention to the wood frame from Craig Dyer.

John Groom sanding down a piece of plywood from 4790 ready for re-varnishing.

Mike Blakeman dealing with the hinge mount surround to ensure we have a good mount point for the door.

One of the jobs to be done is to fit a system for re-charging the batteries from strategically placed charging points. It involves some complex control gear on RBr 1672.

Derrick O'Brien screwing a re-varnished piece of timber trim to a door of SO 4790.

Michael Jackson in the office varnishing a piece of interior timber any from any dust in the workshop.
Geoff Gore drilling out rusted screws from one of the all-metal doors. The old screws just weld themselves in and there is no other way to extract them.
John Hamer working on a rusted Z-section piece of metal at the base of 1 of the windows which has had to be taken out to facilitate the work. This is the last one marked for extraction on SO 4790 but will it be the last one.
Thanks Russ we look forward to future reports.

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