Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Wednesday 11th Jan

A busy day for the upholsterers.

John Hill, working on another new seat covering for CK 7221 

The team who work in their own little workshop, a carriage, have storage problems in that seats and seat backs are not only heavy they are also large and don't like damp a great deal. So the team do at times have to move things around. 
Penny Dron helping to transport seat material from the main Upholstery Carriage.

Is there space in here. Another of the vehicles used for storage.

John Hill, with Dave and Penny Dron inside that vehicle.
Note how the gentleman allow Penny to move the seat.
Well done Penny. 
Of course there was considerable work going on elsewhere.
Derrick O'Brien, Ralph Pickstone and Grenville Care also providing the team effort approach to solving a problem with a door for SO 4790.

Hopefully I can show you the results of their effort tomorrow.

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